The Difference Between A Flower And A Weed

5th August 2012

The Difference Between A Flower And A Weed Is…
A Judgement

My mother has always loved gardening, whenever she has moved house she has always created beautiful gardens overflowing with plants and flowers. She is always at her happiest when out in her garden and over the years she has tried her best to instil her love of gardening into me, but without much luck! I always liked flowers and pretty gardens, but I never really had any interest in creating one. When I married my husband enjoyed gardening, so I never needed to get involved. When my marriage ended I obviously then had to ‘garden’ but over the years I’d have a go at it, but never really enjoyed it or would spend much time doing it as there was always something much more interesting to take up my time.

In 2010 I started to follow the guidance of Abraham-Hicks and I began to notice the difference when I was out walking. I have always liked trees but I began to appreciate them more and then one morning when out for a walk with some of my children and grandchildren in the woods near our home I noticed that even patches of ground that were just weeds and wild plants were colourful and interesting.

Dandelion seed head

On that walk I took a photo of a dandelion seed head (opposite) and when I got home and put it on my computer zooming in I was amazed at the perfection in that small ‘weed’. It really made me think about the miraculous perfection in what we class as a weed.
(I use this picture on my website and Facebook page to remind me of the perfection of nature.)

From then on when I was out walking I began to notice the difference in my perception of the beauty around me, especially in the wild flowers and weeds. I also began to appreciate other plants and flowers more and I especially enjoyed taken photographs of all of the abundance of nature, whether out in the countryside or in my mother’s beautiful garden.

Last year (2011) my mum had a hip replacement operation and so I went to stay at my parents home for several weeks. My father helps out at his local golf club by growing and looking after a herb garden for the kitchen and he had been asked to make up some flower boxes to add a bit of colour to a seating area. As mum was unable to assist him with the shopping for flowers and then planting them, I helped and thoroughly enjoyed it. I then amazed my mum by starting to take an interest in doing her garden, which due to her previous hip problems and then recovering from the operation she had been unable to do. So over the next few weeks I began to learn more about gardening, mainly what was classed as a flower and what was a weed. Once I returned home I then began to make changes to our own garden which had not had not much done to it.

The picture above was taken in May 2011 and is of some of my children and grandchildren all helping in the garden. We were putting up a fence at the bottom and also putting together picnic and bird tables. As you can see the garden is quite empty, there are just two pots, one with a sycamore tree and the other a plant that I had no idea if it was a weed or flower. These had both self-seeded into the garden.

The picture below was taken today, I tried to get roughly the same angle, it doesn’t show much of the different areas and flowers but you can see the difference now in my garden.

My love of plants, trees, flowers and weeds has grown from beginning to see my world “through the eyes of Source” (Abraham-Hicks). By focusing on all of the abundance of beauty that surrounded me I now enjoy spending my time gardening and appreciating all of the delightful plants and flowers growing in my garden. I also have the added bonus that I don’t have far to go to get some extra photographs to use for the quotes on my Facebook page. And added to that my mother is so pleased that I now share her love of gardening!

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