A Tree Is Something So Incredibly Beautiful

18th July 2012

For Some People…
A Tree Is Something So Incredibly Beautiful
It Brings Tears To The Eyes

For Others…
It Is Just A Green Thing That Stands In The Way

This was one of the first sayings that got my attention back in the early 90’s when I began collecting my favourite quotes, sayings and verse. I liked trees, especially in the spring time when they blossomed and at that time it’s meaning to me was about how people can see the same thing differently.

As the years passed I began to learn how our thoughts shape our perceptions and I understood why we see things differently. My ’liking’ of trees was still pretty much the same though.

Over the past few years, since I began to study and follow the teachings of Abraham (through Esther and Jerry Hicks) this quote has so much more meaning to me. My LOVE of trees has developed, along with a love of all nature, but I am especially drawn to trees.

A friend of mine recently pointed out to me that my name (Trina) is actually pronounced with the word Tree, I had never thought of this before, but it made me think about my name and my life and I began to realize the pattern that I was drawn to trees, but had never before acknowledged it. When my mother chose my name (it was not so well known in the early 60’s and she saw it in the credits on a tv program) she loved it, but on going to register my birth the registrar was insisting that she couldn’t name me Trina as it was just a shortened version of Katrina, but my mum was very determined to stick to it and they gave in.

I can’t remember much about when I was a young child, but trees are in my memories. My mother has always loved gardening so I grew up with gardens full of plants and flowers, but the only thing that sticks in my memory of our first garden, where we lived until I was eleven, was a lilac tree. I remember liking the colour of the flowers when it bloomed. Also at primary school I remember standing often under an evergreen tree and pulling bits off, as I liked the smell of it.


When I left home at seventeen to marry, it was my husband who did all of the gardening as I was never interested back then. My favourite thing in our garden though was a tree that was full of beautiful pink blossom in the spring. On moving house and coming into the years that I began to become more interested in the spiritual side of life, there were some trees in the field at the bottom of our garden that I would spend hours looking out at when sitting contemplating/meditating from my bedroom window. (photo)

And now in these recent years learning about the law of attraction and how with working on this website my love and apprectiation of nature has developed, it is trees that dominate my focus. I now literally can feel the emotion that this quote is talking about when I look at trees. When I first began to really notice them it was winter time, so most of the trees were bare, but I loved the shapes and patterns that I could see in the branches. I remember thinking that it would be a shame when spring came because I wouldn’t be able to see this anymore! How limiting was that?!!! When spring came, so did the blossom, wow, I couldn’t believe the abundance of beautiful small perfect little flowers that were produced. As the seasons change, so do the trees and the ever constant cycle of change brings so much to admire and adore.

When I am out driving I love to admire the trees and if by myself I will often stop to take photographs, it’s great when someone else is driving because I can obviously take more notice. I enjoy sending out my positive thoughts of appreciation and thanks to the trees as I pass them by. When out walking I am always taking photos of the trees, and I like to put my hands on them and I can feel the energy as my hands always tingle or get warm as I give thanks to the tree for its beauty, strength, grace, energy, magnificence, splendour and whatever else comes to mind.

For me a tree is something so incredibly beautiful it brings tears of love, joy and wonder to my eyes.

The Purpose Of Trees Is To
Express Love In Merely Being

I was amazed when I first found this video, it makes so much sense to me. Every time I watch it I just want to go out and hug a tree.

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