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Spiritual Quotes To Live By is different to other quote websites because ALL of the quotes, sayings and verse here are Positive and Inspirational.

Throughout the 160+ pages here, you will find over 7,000 quotes providing an abundance of wisdom from hundreds of different people. Dating from ancient times to the present day, most of the people are well-known. Also words from unknown sources are included as to leave them out would be to exclude countless; positive expressions of love, joy, encouragement and wisdom.

The more you read and/or use positive words and expressions, the more they will easily come into your thoughts, words and actions. This will not only benefit your own life and the lives of those around you, but it also brings more upliftment to everyone and enriches the whole world.

The quotes, sayings and verse on this site can...

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  • Uplift Your Spirit & Raise Your Vibration
  • Inspire You To Follow Your Dreams
  • Encourage & Motivate  You To Take Action
  • Help You To Express How You Feel
  • Aid You To Understand Your Thoughts Create Your World
  • Focus You On The Positive Side Of Life
  • Give You Words Of Wisdom To Contemplate

There are also practical uses...

  • Find Out Who Said Those Wonderful Words 
  • Express Your Emotions In Letters, Cards Or Words
  • Add Inspiration & Positivity To Your Writing
  • Motivate & Encourage Other People
  • Words Of Wisdom For Cross Stitch & Other Craft Projects
  • Inspiring Messages For Unique Personalised Gifts
  • Positive Words For A Noticeboard Or Tattoo 

These spiritual words of wisdom are an excellent resource for looking on the brighter side of life, so why not give yourself an uplifting boost and delve into this quote haven.

Love, Light, Blessings

My Quotes To Live By
Trina Graves

Since the early nineties I have loved to collect and write out my favourite inspirational quotes and verse. I have always found it very uplifting to read through them. I also enjoy writing Spiritual verse, especially about the Law of Attraction. My all time favourite quote is:

You are not a Human on a Spiritual Journey
You are a Spirit on a Human Journey.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

My aim for this website is to provide a Resource of Positive, Spiritual and Inspiring words that are worthy of the expression Quotes To Live By.

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I write an occasional blog using the photographs from my Facebook page of Spiritual Quotes To Live By as a theme for each entry. As each one is written I add the relevant photo to the quote on this site and link it to the blog.

Photos: With the exception of the author pictures, all of the photographs on this site were taken by me (or other members of my family.) I compiled all of the photographs with quotes on.

Illustrations: The watercolour and other illustrations throughout this site are by wonderful multi-talented artist Sandra Reeves.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By - Abraham Hicks quotes

This is one of my favourite photographs along with wonderful advice from Abraham-Hicks that I do my best to constantly remember...

"You Are Here To Create The World Around You
That You Choose...

While You Allow The World As Others Choose
To Exist Also"

This website is being added to often,
please come back soon for more 
Spiritual Quotes To Live By.

Love, Light & Blessings
Trina x

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