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October 2012 Blog Posts

Families Are - BLOG

13th October 2012 - 46th Blog
Families Are The Compass That Guide Us
They Are The Inspiration To Reach Great Heights
And Our Comfort When We Occasionally Falter
Brad Henry

I like to watch the 'reality tv' programs such as Britain's Got Talent and X Factor mainly because of the positive emotions that they evoke. Often the people on these programs talk of the reason for them seeking to do what they love is, that they are doing it for a certain member of their family, who has supported them through thick and thin, or they have a child or children that they want to be able to support better and to inspire them to achieve their dreams.

Having children opens up your life to being a role-model whether intentional or not. Children always look to their parents as examples of how to be, (or not to be) toward many aspects of life. As you grow older you realize that...

September 2012 Blog Posts

Physical beauty vs Spiritual beauty quote on photo - BLOG

12th September 2012 - 45th Blog
Physical Beauty Can Be Lost With The Marks Of Age
Or Through Accident
Spiritual Beauty Can Never Be Destroyed

We all know the simple truth that a person's inner beauty is so much more important than their outer beauty, but over the years most people have been 'trained' to judge a person by their appearance and to focus on their own appearance as a means to be accepted by others.

It is such a shame that so many people feel inadequate because of the emphasis that is placed on looks, especially for the youngsters growing up with all the hype. If the mass media put as much attention and money into grooming our Spirits instead of our bodies we would live in a totally different world, infact, all they would need to do is STOP putting the attention on physical beauty to make a big difference.

Just as some flowers are...

Where the mind goes - BLOG

5th September 2012 - 44th Blog
Where The Mind Goes... Energy Flows Ernest Holmes

This simple little sentence is an easy way to remember this truth that is so important to take control of your life and change everything.

Thoughts are things, they are not just ideas in our mind that stay there. Thoughts are our creative process that once we have conjured them will leave our minds and continue out into the reality that we are producing together. As you continue to think more of the same thought it grows stronger in its power to bring to you more of the same thing. The Law of Attraction teaches us that like attracts like and it is through our thoughts and attention that we create whatever is going on in our world and attract more of the same to us.

Thoughts are forms of energy. We all have experiences of reading each others thoughts, such as...

August 2012 Blog Posts

Children are the anchors - BLOG

29th August 2012 - 43rd blog
Children Are The Anchors That Hold The Mother To Life

I cannot imaging a life without children, I had a younger brother who was still a child when I married, I then had my own children at a young age and then my youngest daughter was just in her teens when her brother became a dad, so children have been a central part of my life for as long as I can remember.

I guess I have always been a 'natural' mother as a 'career' has never interested me, over the years I have done quite a few varied jobs but being a 'mother' and now 'grandmother' have been of much more importance to me. For me, children are the greatest blessing in life and as I spend more and more time concentrating on the Spiritual side of life, it is children that give...

The difference between a flower and a weed - BLOG

5th August 2012 - 42nd blog post
The Difference Between A Flower And A Weed Is A Judgement

My mother has always loved gardening, whenever she has moved house she has always created beautiful gardens overflowing with plants and flowers. She is always at her happiest when out in her garden and over the years she has tried her best to instill her love of gardening into me, but without much luck! I always liked flowers and pretty gardens, but I never really had any interest in creating one. When I married my husband enjoyed gardening, so I never needed to get involved. When my marriage ended I obviously then had to ‘garden’ but over the years I’d have a go at it, but never really enjoyed it or would spend much time doing it as there was always something much more interesting to take up my time.

In 2010 I...

July 2012 Blog Posts

A tree is - Full Page

18th July 2012 - 41st blog post
For Some People...
A Tree Is Something So Incredibly Beautiful
It Brings Tears To The Eyes
For Others...
It Is Just A Green Things That Stands In The Way

This was one of the first sayings that got my attention back in the early 90’s when I began collecting my favourite quotes, sayings and verse. I liked trees, especially in the spring time when they blossomed and at that time it’s meaning to me was about how people can see the same thing differently.

As the years passed I began to learn how our thoughts shape our perceptions and I understood why...

Children will not - Full Page

12th July 2012 - 40th blog Post
Children Will Not Remember You For The Material Things You Provided But For The Feeling That You Cherished Them
Richard Evans

I love this photograph, taken in 1998 of my son Kevin with his daughter Jessica at her Christening.

Whenever I get together with my parents we always love to talk about the family, how is everyone doing, what's been going on etc.. if I am staying over we have more time to talk and they usually tell me stories about their past or of their parents and grandparents. Between us our observations cover six generations (their grandparents to my grandchildren). As I am sure it is in all families, the lives of my great-grandparents compared to my grandchildren are so vastly different, there have been...

May 2012 Blog Posts

cosmos flower with quote from Eileen Caddy

30th May 2012 - 39th blog post
Be At Peace And See A Clear Pattern And Plan
Running Through Your Lives

Nothing Is By Chance

Eileen Caddy

I have liked this quote for many years, since I was first introduced to Eileen Caddy’s books in the late 90′s.

Nothing is by chance is something that has always rang true to me, I have always thought that everything happens for a reason. When something occurred in my life that I didn’t like, I would tell myself that something good would come out of it, and it always did. I’m not saying that difficult periods in my life were easy, when you are overflowing with negative emotions, because of something that has happened, you can’t see the wood for the trees, but I would get through by knowing that something good would eventually develop. My interpretation of this quote was that...

weeping willow photo with quote

13th May 2012 - 38th blog post
There's Only One Corner Of The Universe You Can Be Certain Of Improving And That's Your Own Self

Years ago I used to think that my life would be better if only a certain person would change, if only they’d do this or stop doing that, then I would be happier. Then I came across the notion that you can’t change anyone else, only yourself. This made sense but how could changing what I do make someone else do what I wanted them to do. It wasn’t until about a year ago when I began to really understand the teachings of Abraham Hicks and I could finally saw the bigger picture.

We are all...

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April 2012 Blog Posts

newborn babies hand

April 19th 2012 - 37th blog post
Babies Are A Link Between Angels And Man

There’s something about the tiny, delicate hands of newborn babies that I adore, so obviously I love photographs of babies hands. The majority of the photographs that I use for my Facebook quotes are my own, the rest are from my family or friends. This photograph was taken by my son-in-law Mark Stocker and is of his youngest daughter.

For me, the quote is a reminder that babies are fresh from ‘heaven,’ each and every baby is as an angel, a pure, innocent spirit, full of unconditional love.

When I was around eleven or twelve I heard that...

quote on photo of lake and trees

April 18th 2012 - 36th blog post
Life Should Be Measured By How Many Moments
Take Your Breath Away
Instead Of How Many Breaths You Take

I love this photograph, it is one of my favourites and for me is so fitting for this quote. Sometimes when I am appreciating the beauty in nature it ‘takes my breath away,’ and then sometimes I take a picture thinking it will be quite good, then when I put it onto my computer I am amazed at what I didn’t ‘see’ originally. When I took this photo I loved all of the different trees, but I hadn’t really noticed the reflection in the water.

I think that many of us go through life measuring it by major events or just going through the everyday motions, keeping our focus on the next day off, holiday or special occasion to enjoy. When really we should be noticing and appreciating all of the little things everyday that contribute to make our lives a constant joy and blessing, if we are open to it.

Life is supposed to be FUN and full of Love and Joy, but what many people do not realize is that...

angel quote on photograph

April 11th 2012 - 35th blog post
Every Blade Of Grass Has An Angel
That Bends Over It And Whispers "Grow, Grow"

This is an excellent quote to remember if you are feeling alone, helpless or discouraged in any way. If even a simple blade of grass has the encouragement of an angel, then we must be truly blessed with so much more and are Never truly alone.

There is a beautiful song from Bliss called A Hundred Thousand Angels that...

quote on photo of child and baby

April 7th 2012 - 34th blog post
Children Are A Handful Sometimes...
A Heart-Full All The Time

I know that at times when your children are young it can seem a never-ending struggle just to get through the day, young children demand so much of your attention and time. But those early years are so precious and they fly by at such a quick pace, before you know it your children are grown up and maybe having children of their own.

I believe that it is so important to make the most of those early years, giving your babies and children all of the love, attention and nurturing that you possibly can give. Of course it’s still important later on too, but those early years shape their future selves.

On the day that my first grandchild, Jessica, was born (back in December 1997) I was so happy and excited about this little bundle of joy that was coming into our lives that I decided to write something, which I called ‘Letter From Newborn’. Just recently I have...

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March 2012 Blog Posts

quote on photo of sunset

March 28th 2012 - 33rd blog post
Heaven Is Under Our Feet
As Well As Over Our Heads
Henry David Thoreau

My interpretation of this quote is that Heaven is here and now, all around us.

The definition of heaven in the dictionary is:Place believed to be the home of God.Where good people go when they die.Place or state of bliss.

I believe that the home of God is Everywhere as there is Nowhere that God does not exist.

I also believe that when we die our Soul or Source Energy is still present here, if we want it to be. Most of us just can’t ‘see’ this Spiritual Energy as they are not in a physical body and we are taught to limit our sight to the physical. I don’t agree with idea that only ‘good’ people go to heaven as being ‘good’ is a matter of our individual perception. I believe that God/Source Energy loves us all unconditionally, so being ‘good’ is irrelevant. Although I think that there are different ‘levels’ of what we call heaven and, like on earth, the Law of Attraction is constant so we are drawn to be with souls who are on the same level of vibration.

The definition of bliss is ’perfect happiness’ which I know is possible here and now. For many people happiness is something to gain when you achieve or possess something, but this is limiting because you will always want something more. The truth is that happiness is...

The most effective - BLOG

March 26th 2012 - 32nd blog post
The Most Effective Kind Of Education Is
That A Child Should Play Amongst Lovely Things

If you have read some of my other posts then you will know that I am a fan of the Law of Attraction and also of home education. This quote brings the two together.

Education (and life) should be fun and full of appreciation for the abundance of beauty that surrounds us. Wherever we ‘look’ there is always something to focus on that is good, whether it is something beautiful, useful or simply positive in some way or other. If we ’train’ ourselves to always focus on the positives, more of the same will keep coming into our lives.. that’s the Law of Attraction working.

I began to doubt that traditional schooling was best not long after my children started school. I was a different person back then, I...

quote on photo of roses

March 25th 2012 - 31st blog post
Don't Try To Force Anything
Let Life Be A Deep Let Go
See God Opening Millions Of Flowers Everyday
Without Forcing The Buds

I love this quote, it reminds me of: the connection of God to everything, the lessons that are abundant in nature, and letting go of trying to control everything in life.

If we can live in the moment, in a constant state of love, appreciation, gratitude and joy then LIFE will flow, we will always be – in the right place at the right time – to receive all of our needs.

Just before I began writing this (Law of Attraction working in my life) I read an article that is a brilliant example of ‘letting go’ and of how, when we do, amazing results can happen…
Fred Burks was under an official US Department of State investigation, he worked for the government as an interpreter and was in danger of losing his job...

The world is - BLOG

March 22nd 2012 - 30th blog post
The World Is But A School Of Enquiry

There is always something new to discover wherever we go. Our capacity for learning is unlimited and ageless, continuing throughout our entire lives.

This photograph was taken on a ‘nature walk’ with my daughter and her children who are home educated. I believe that home education is a brilliant way to encourage children to have a positive attitude towards continual life-long learning. By letting a child follow their own inquisitiveness and passions they easily...

Happiness is - quote on photograph

March 16th 2012 - 29th blog post
Happiness Is...
The Experience Of Enjoying Life

I have always thought myself to be quite a happy person, but until I began to use the teachings of Abraham Hicks in my everyday life, I could very easily be affected by people around me. Also, I certainly didn't 'enjoy' every day, but just plodded on through.

I now truly believe in the law of attraction as taught by Abraham Hicks, everyday I am made aware of how easily we all attract things to us. It can be something really simple such as with the writing of this blog entry today...

1984 - three children

March 15th 2012 - 28th blog post
Children Are The Worlds Most Valuable Resource

This photograph (taken in 1984) is of my three children who (along now with my grandchildren) are by far the most 'valuable' thing in my life, as I am sure most other people think of their own children.

Time goes by so fast, especially now in 2012, that it's important to make sure that we make time to 'Be' with our younger children, investing our time and energy in giving them our undivided attention, to let them know that they are loved and cherished above all other things going on in our lives.

If I could go back in time, knowing what I know now, I would have...

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