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Amira lives with her husband and pets in British Columbia, Canada. She is a retired registered nurse who is now enjoying a fulfilling and peaceful life as she pursues Light, Wisdom and Spiritual Growth through her love of nature and animals, along with creating her daily blog – BodySoulNourishmentBlog – that shares inspirational stories, poems, quotes and pictures.

In 2018 Amira began to write Haiku poems (in style rather than following strict guidelines) which she shares on her blog. The majority of poems on this page are Haiku but there are a few longer ones too.

Our ‘Meeting’

At the end of May 2018 I received a contact message from Amira asking if she could share my poems on her blog. I wrote back to her saying of course she could, but as I found out later, I made a mistake and didn’t ‘send’ the message. However, we were obviously destined to ‘meet’ as about a week later I ‘found’ her blog when I was Googling and discovered one of my poems and wrote a comment on it.. and then I found out my mistake. This odd beginning sparked in me a knowing that this was something to pursue with interest! We began to email each other and soon realized that we were alike in countless ways. Around the same age, we have lived extremely different lives but have come to almost identical outlooks, conclusions and share a goal of spreading as much Light and Love as we can around the world.


So many ‘coincidences; have happened over the past few months since we began emailing and following each others sites.

As I began to explore Amira’s blog, and then other blogs of like-minded people, I realized that two of the questions I had ‘put out there’ had been answered: I wanted to bring my poems together and share them separate from this site and I wanted to know if my poems were liked. From the start, Amira was getting lovely comments from sharing my poems, so that answered that one! Then, it just dawned on me to re-vitalize my old blog on WordPress that I had initially started in 2011, but then moved over to here in 2012.

As the weeks passed and we continued to follow each others blogs and email, there were synchronicities happening on a regular basis, sometimes more than daily! For instance, unbeknownst to each other we would be working on the same topic, or when I write a comment to Amira it sparks a knowing in me that what has been said is my next poem to write.

Being on other sides of the world, Amira in Canada and me in England, our time zones are eight hours apart. One interesting synchronicity that happened was when I awoke one morning with a title for a poem on my mind ‘The Super Power’ I knew it was to be about Superheros but Love as the ultimate Superpower. I had no idea why I should wake with this thought (I don’t watch that type of movie!) Anyway, I went ahead and wrote the poem, I then discovered that while I was sleeping Amira had been collecting photos for her blog and had kept one that she had no idea why.. it was a wonderful, colourful Cosmic Superhero that perfectly fitted my poem! It is the remarkable signs such as this, that we are both experiencing, that let us know we are kindred Spirits on our true path.

please note:
I have permission from Amira to share these poems,
please contact her through her blog to request any usage.
Thank you.

Amira’s poems are listed alphabetically on the titles.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Amira’s Poems:  A   

A Baby’s Face

A baby’s face:
Smiling eyes, non-judgement…
Awake to inner Light.
The wisdom of a sage!

Lucy (2003)

A Mountain Top
(Learning From Nature)

A mountain top,
A mighty view:
My problems… are so small!!!

A Poem’s Birth

My morning bless,
A quiet time, to witness:
A poem’s birth!


A Ripple Of Love

A friendly smile, a warm hello,
Spread good vibes:
A ripple of love!

A Solitary Rock

A solitary rock,
A place to sit…
And feel the peace of eternity!



New lines on my face,
More white on my head…
With Wisdom comes new freedom!

At The Beach

White warm sand, cushions my feet,
Walking in the beach:
A Summer gift!


Awakening From Bad News

Bad news, a daily affair…
Misleading you..
Not the whole truth,
There’s a wider view

Don’t fall in the trap,
Get all the facts.
A Greater Plan Prevails,
For our Highest Good!

Puppets come and go,
In a self-serving game.
Masters of deceit,
But the Truth is coming through..

They’re loosing control…
Wake up, wake up!
Open your eyes and see,
We co-create our destiny!

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Poems:  B   

Bask In The Peace Of The Soul

Get out of your mind’s way.
Quiet your turbulent thoughts,
Fear escalates to panic mode,
And inner energy easily dissipates.

Bask in the Peace of the Soul,
Focus your light on a single beam,
Your intent on highest good outcomes,
Stay calm, and know that this is so!

Elevate your eyes.
Above the chaos and negative forecasts,
All is provided for your success,
You live in an abundant Universe!

The currency needed is Love,
A pure heart, and clear intent,
There’s no need to know
Ahead of every step!
You have an inner compass,
That gently guides your way.

Look at Nature’s wisdom:
It has no clocks, no maps, or calendars,
And yet, each Spring brings new blooms,
Animals prepare to rear their young;
And the sun shines every day,
Even when it rains!!!

Bird’s song

A beautiful song
on a branch,
hides in the leaves-
Pure joy with feathers!


Feeling anxious, sad, stressed…
Slow deep breaths:
Ah, washes all away!


Bunny grazes,
Ears alert – stands still:
Thus, he hides in plain sight!


Winged spirit, fly so high
Joyful and free…
A butterfly!

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Amira’s Poems:  C   

Cat Nap

On the couch,
2 hearts beat,
a purring lullaby…
One cat nests on my chest!

Cat’s Play

Zig Zag tail,
hunting shadows,
invisible enemies…
A loud Meowwwww!!!

Acrobatic twists,
a yoga stretch, and elastic jump,
suspended landing… –
it’s all cats’s play!

(Learning From Nature)

Angry waves crash against
The proud rock that confronts them,
While it erodes into sand…

Be like calm shores,
Where waves gently arrive,
And slowly dissipate…

Morning contemplation,
Sitting in nature…
I feel the interconnection!

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Poems:  D   


Kindred spirits of joy,
Bring play and laughter
To all!!!


Coloured elongated bodies,
Stained glass wings,
By the pond they fly…
(A vision of magical beings!)

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Amira’s Poems:  E   


Labeling, judging,
The inner critic chatters…
Let go of the EGO: Find peace in Silence.

End Of Summer
(Learning From Nature)

Crisp shortened days,
First leaves are now turning red…Marking Summer’s end!

Nature teaches:
Seasons change, like in our lives,
Change brings renewal!

Essential Oils

Peppermint, lavender, rose…
Evoke different moods,
Comfort and restore.

Liquid drops of Mother Nature
Healing essence:
A therapeutic Present!

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Poems:  F   

Falling In Love

Walking on clouds,
Sunny smile – colors all around,
The power of Love!

Family Picnic

A blanket so pretty,
Laid on the grass,
A display of treats, and laughter…
(Happy memories to last!)

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Amira’s Poems:  G   

Garden Tomato

The first red tomato
Ripening in the sun…
The fruit: – a juicy gift!

Greetings (Saludos)

Hola Amigo!
Comment allez-vous?
Io sto bene,
And how are you?

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Poems:  H   

Hawaiian Music

Hawaiian music plays,
The dancers sway,
Like Haole-Hula waves!


A touch of paint,
Some pretty flowers…
Such warmth!
A place called home!


Just a different thought,
Changes perspective…
Brings courage and Hope!

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Amira’s Poems:  I   

I Am

Who am I?
… From within the Light ignites,
And answers:
“I AM!!!”

In The Garden

Fragrant rose
perfumes the air…
The Spirit soars!


Undecided, need solutions!
Don’t look outside:
The answer is in your heart!

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Poems:  K   


Random acts of kindness,
Anonymous heroes:
Light the torch of hope…
Pass it forth!

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Amira’s Poems:  L   


Changes a frown
Into a smile,
Darkness into light…
Best medicine at hand!

Lavender Fields

Lavender fields,
Perfume the air…
Oh!… The sight of a purple sea!

Learning From Water
(Learning From Nature)

Water flows,
Around big stones –
Changes forms,
Learning to adapt:
“Go with the flow.”

Light A Candle

Darkness all around…
Light a candle:
Be the light!

Lotus Flower
(Learning From Nature)

From muddy waters,
Rises above…
“The way of the Soul”

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Poems:  M   

Masters Of Light

Masters light our path
Teach only love…
Awakening our sleepy soul!


A moment sublime,
Sensing the Light,
Overflowing joy, tearful eyes…
Ecstasy of the soul!

Memorable Sight: A Light In The Sky

Clear blue skies, plain daylight,
A giant sphere, bright orange light,
Moves slowly in the sky…

Pulsates, with no sounds,
Stops in mid-air…
Suddenly, takes off in vertical flight!

Then, it disappears in a flash!
On the ground, people stare in shock…
…A “weather balloon” of course!!!


Present in this moment,
Grounded and aware
Fully absorbing it all

Lucy in a crop circle, Avebury UK

Miraculous Hands

Hands that care and nurture,
Hands that heal and comfort

Hands that point the way,
Hands that greet and embrace…

Hands that build and create,
Hands that draw and paint…

Hands that play music
And hands that applaud

Hands that join others
To unite and to help.

Hands open to give,
To reach out, and protect…

Hands close to the heart,
United to pray!

Hands, miraculous hands!
Use them with love, use them with care:
Not to destroy, never to hurt!

Share them with others,
In a welcoming gesture
Use them to play and to caress,
Fill them with love, generosity, and tenderness

Each day remember
Gratitude to express,
For the miraculous gift
Freely given to you
The gift of your hands
To touch and to bless!

Hands of Paul, Seth, Joey & Tyler (2014)
Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Amira’s Poems:  N   


I celebrate you,
You celebrate me…
We’re mirrors of the One!

Nature’s Song

Branches dance in the wind
To the subtle music:
Of nature’s song!

New Blooms

New blooms in the garden
open to the sun…
The promise of a new day!


A pure and open heart,
Filled with tolerance:
Non-judgement for everyone!

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Amira’s Poems:  O   

(Learning From Nature)

Salty foam, blue expansion,
pulsing waves…
I am one drop!

On A Balcony

Sitting on a balcony,
Surrounded by plants…
Below: a busy street:
– An Oasis of peace above!

On The Wings Of Angels

Going through difficult times,
Your angels are whispering
Rays of light.
Through stormy days,
They show us the “silver line.”

Always there to assist,
Always there to guide,
Opening doors of love and light,
Working behind the veils…
All we need to do is ask!

It’s our free will, our choices,
To let our fears and worries go,
And trust in the infinite Forces,
To lift us over our problems:
On the wings of Angels…

Let your spirit soar!
On the wings of Angels…

One Source

You and me…
Two identities:
Only One Source!


Orbs of Light,
Invisible to the eye…
Only in pictures, are seen as they are!

(Learning From Nature)

Through thick eyelashes,
Large eyes observe…

Discern, Become aware!

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Amira’s Poems:  P   

Peace In Nature
(Learning From Nature)

Solace, comfort, and peace,
Nature brings to me:
A mother’s loving embrace!


Play is a natural thing,
Adults soon forget
The joys of spontaneity

Nature’s lesson:
Do more smiling,
Practice less frowning…
Learn to have fun!


A rose just died…
But it’s not the end!
Dry petals’ scent remains:
A gift in a pretty jar!


Close my eyes,
Quiet my mind, and open my heart:
A heartfelt thanks!

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Amira’s Poems:  R   

Random Acts Of Kindness

Unexpected surprise!
Care for one another,
Understanding we’re Oneness…

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Amira’s Poems:  S   

Seashell On the Beach

Seashell on the beach,
Secret sounds of ocean waves…
Listen to its tale!


The sound of silence,
Touches my soul…
Infinite Peace: lifts me afloat!

(Learning From Nature)

Vibrant fish,
Colorful reefs!
In deep silence…
Hides a magical world!

Kevin (1995)

Sleep Time

Time to sleep…
Trusting, carefree:
Surrender to your dreams!

(Learning From Nature)

Infinite numbers of stars,
Galaxies, dimensions…
Are we the only ones?

Summer Afternoon
(Learning From Nature)

Intense heat: a cicada screeches
But the rest of nature sleeps…
It’s siesta time!

Summer Rains

Summer rains,
Scent of wet grass,
A bird enjoys a splash!

(Learning From Nature)

Yellow, cheery, bright…
Always faces the Sun.
Teaches a great lesson:
“Focus on the light!”

Sunny Spot
(Learning From Animals)

Sunny spot,
Dreamy dog…
basking in the moment!


Don’t try to control,
“Resistance is futile”
Surrender, and let go…
Let the Divine plan unfold!

Sweet Honey Bee

Pollinates flowers… a labour of love!
Honey, flowers, veggies and fruits:
All thanks to you!


They light up our path,
Things happen for a reason…
Let’s pay attention!

Nothing is by chance,
There is a Divine Plan:
For our highest Good!

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Amira’s Poems:  T   


Help us connect,
Make new friends,
Shorten distance!

Use with caution,
Avoid addiction,
Prevent trans-humanism!

Seth & Joey (2013)

Thirst Quenched

Watering the garden,
diamonds sparkling on leaves,
Thirst quenched!


This precious moment…
Has infinite possibilities:
The power of Now!

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Amira’s Poems:  U   

Under A Tree

Leaves softly fan
Their breath on my hair,
Offering a gentle caress!

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Amira’s Poems:  V   


I put all my problems
In a hot air balloon…
Up and up it goes!
(Let the Universe dissolve them)

Seth & Joey (2015)
Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Amira’s Poems:  W   

Waking Up

A thank you note,
In my heart:
“I am alive!”


A cool slice
Of ruby juice…
Sweet taste of Paradise!

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes
tickled by the breeze-
a joyful laughter!

Wise Bamboo
(Learning From Nature)

Soft bamboo reeds,
Sway with the wind,
Flexible and free!

Learn non-resistance:
Bouncing back,
Never break!!!

Jessica, Seth & Lucy
Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Amira’s Poems:  Y   

Your Light

You shine your light,
I mirror yours…
Together, we light the world!


Amira has a wonderful inspirational blog where she shares beautiful uplifting stories, poems, quotes and pictures every day. Please do take a look.


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