Children Are The Anchors

quote on photo of mother and daughter

29th August 2012

Children Are The Anchors
That Hold The Mother To Life

I cannot imaging a life without children, I had a younger brother who was still a child when I married, I then had my own children at a young age and then my youngest daughter was just in her teens when her brother became a dad, so children have been a central part of my life for as long as I can remember.

I guess I have always been a ‘natural’ mother as a ‘career’ has never interested me, over the years I have done quite a few varied jobs but being a ‘mother’ and now ‘grandmother’ have been of much more importance to me. For me, children are the greatest blessing in life and as I spend more and more time concentrating on the Spiritual side of life, it is children that give me the best focus on the true nature of our being.

I am so grateful to have been able to becoming a mother in this life (I do believe in reincarnation and that we experience both male and female lives). Being pregnant is the most exquisite experience of life, the anticipation, excitement and of course love that you feel while carrying a life within your body is a complete joy. I remember those mornings in early pregnancy of waking up and suddenly remembering that I was pregnant and my happiness would overflow.

The photograph (above – taken in 2004) is of my youngest daughter Emma with her daughter Lucy, she is heavily pregnant with her second child who was born not long after this photo was taken, a son named Seth.

Emma became pregnant again in 2011 and all through her pregnancy from the early days to the last, I never saw her go longer than a few minutes without her hand gently caressing her ‘bump,’ I don’t think she realized she was doing it most of the time, but her love for her precious ‘cargo’ was so easy to witness. Interestingly, the baby (Joey) is now almost seven months old and is an extremely happy and advanced little boy, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he develops some interesting abilities as he seems to absorb everything going on around him. I do believe that the constant love that he received all through his development gave him the best possible start in life.

Photo: A cheerful six month old Joey with his cousin Sophie

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