What Can You Do To Promote World Peace?

3rd February 2014

What Can You Do To Promote World Peace?
Go Home And Love Your Family.
Mother Teresa

Photo:  With my brothers and parents in 1988.  

No matter who we are or where we are on this planet, we all have the power to bring about world peace. But not by taking action in the way that many might think.

If someone feels strongly about world peace they might spend a great deal of time focused on all the troubles in the world. They also might join up with other like-minded people on social networking sites or in person, working together and taking action to protest about the wrongs in the world. Many people would think that is the best way to bring peace into our world. But, although their overall intention is good, by putting their focus on what is wrong with the world and talking to others about all the ways in which the world is not at peace, they are feeling the lack of peace and acknowledging that the world is not at peace, so that is what they are creating and experiencing.

The Law of Attraction teaches that whatever you think about, focus on and feel strongly about, is what you will create in your life. It is by BEING what we desire that we create it.

What Can You Do?..
Love Your Family/Friends

Mother Teresa’s quote is an example of what we can all easily do to promote world peace – those who lack family members can apply the same principle to friends.

By beginning the answer with ‘Go Home’ she tells us that it is not in going ‘Out There’ and protesting etc.. that we should focus on, but at ‘Home  – where the heart is.’  By putting more of our focus and attention on the love that we feel for family and friends, we create more love which reflects out into the world and also acts as a magnet to attract more love into our lives from the outside world.

What Can You Do?..
Be At Peace

The photo/quote that I put on Facebook yesterday is very relevant:

When We Create Peace, Harmony And Balance In Our Minds,
We Will Find It In Our Lives.
Louise Hay

If you do not feel at peace within you will not be able to create it in the world. The answer to all the ‘problems’ of the world lies within each one of us. The more Love, Peace and Joy we can feel in our hearts and minds, the more we will experience those qualities in our world.

What Can You Do?..

There have been many studies and experiments carried out since the 1970’s that have scientifically proved that when a small percentage of the population in a town or city meditate together on peace it has a dramatic affect on the crime rate and other negative factors in the whole town/city. The higher the percentage of people meditating, the further the effects are experienced. Lots of information is available online if you would like to find out more, such as World Peace Group.

Love, Peace and Blessings to you all.

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