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Where the mind goes energy flows - quote on photo

5th September 2012

Where The Mind Goes ~ Energy Flows
Ernest Holmes

This simple little sentence is an easy way to remember this truth that is so important to take control of your life and change everything.

Thoughts are things, they are not just ideas in our mind that stay there. Thoughts are our creative process that once we have conjured them will leave our minds and continue out into the reality that we are producing together. As you continue to think more of the same thought it grows stronger in its power to bring to you more of the same thing. The Law of Attraction teaches us that like attracts like and it is through our thoughts and attention that we create whatever is going on in our world and attract more of the same to us.

Thoughts are forms of energy. We all have experiences of reading each others thoughts, such as having a song in your head and someone next to you starts singing it, or knowing who is on the other end of the phone before answering it. The old way of looking at such things was that they are just coincidences. But as more and more of us are becoming aware of the true nature of our being – that we are Spiritual Energy Beings who are all connected – we now realize that we need to follow our own Inner Guidance rather than the ideas, rules and restrictions that in the past society placed on us to follow. We are so much more powerful than we were lead to believe. Where the mind goes, so does our creative power.

Years ago I read in a Betty Shine book about how to dissolve clouds, it’s really simple. Just choose a cloud (a smallish sized one when beginning, only because of your doubting mind though) and make sure there are other clouds around to compare it to. Then just focus on that cloud and ‘think’ the word DISSOLVE over and over again. You’ll be amazed at what happens, I was quite shocked the first time I did it, so I had to repeat it over and over again to prove to myself that my thoughts were indeed dissolving the clouds! I now teach it to my grandchildren to show them the power of their thoughts, we sometimes pick a large cloud and ‘work’ on it together, to show how when minds think alike there is more power to change things.

Just imagine what we can create together as more and more of us realize that we have the power to change the world just with our thoughts. I believe (and a belief is only a thought you keep on thinking – so it has more power) that we are going through tremendous changes at the moment, the negativity that has dominated our planet is being taken over by the positivity that we are all creating together. The number of people Awakening increases each day, so the power of love that we are emitting grows stronger and stronger.

Where the mind goes – energy flows, so focus as much as you can on a world of love, joy and peace and that is what we will create together.

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