There Are Only Two Ways To Live Your Life

Quote from Albert Einstein on photo of dandelion seed head

4th September 2011

There Are Only Two Ways To Live Your Life:
One ~ As Though Nothing Is A Miracle
The Other Is ~ As Though Everything Is A Miracle

Albert Einstein

I so love this photograph – I took it when out for a walk early 2010, and was amazed when I looked at it on the computer when I got home. It is so perfect and intricate and beautiful, zooming in, it’s like hundreds of exploding little lights placed so precisely to make a wonderful pattern.

This photograph was an excellent example for this brilliant quote from Albert Einstein. Most of us look at dandelions as very annoying weeds that spread so easily with these seed heads. Children, of course, love them – picking them and blowing on them to see how many puffs it takes to dispel all the seeds. I remember as a child thinking that they were fairies floating around in the air.

If something as simple and common as a dandelion can have such perfection in it, then what of the rest of our world?

This quote also fits in with the Law Of Attraction, by noticing and appreciating all of the beauty and wonder that surrounds us all through our lives, we can live a life of wonder and beauty. I use this photo as my profile photo for Spiritual Quotes To Live By on Facebook, it’s a reminder to me of the two ways to look at life and to stay focused on the beauty that is everywhere… if I choose to see it.

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