From This Day Forward You Shall Not Walk Alone

Wedding photo with quote

3rd September 2011

From This Day Forward You Shall Not Walk Alone
My Heart Will Be Your Shelter And My Arms Will Be Your Home

When my youngest daughter got married in May 2002 (photo) it had to be done on a ‘tight’ budget. Her beautiful dress was bought in a sale, I made the three bridesmaids dresses and jackets, plus a jacket for the bride, which was made from side panels that were taken off of her dress. My other daughter made beautiful flower arrangements for the brides bouquet, the bridesmaids and for the reception. The groom’s mother made an amazing wedding cake decorated with horses (my daughters love,) the groom’s father did the photographs and we all helped to make the food for the reception which was held in our local village hall.

All ages of family and friends were invited to the wedding held at the nearest registry office which is situated in park grounds, so the setting for the wedding photographs was beautiful, (as you can see from the photo above) even the English weather was good for May!

We all had a wonderful day and the memory of it all still lingers. Since then I have been to other weddings (some very formal and expensive) but I much prefer the simple, relaxing and loving family togetherness that we had on that day, it also felt good to know that we all contributed to make their day special.

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