A Little Child Enters Your Life

19th September 2011

A Little Child Enters Your Life
And Fills A Special Place In Your Heart
A Place That You Never Knew Was Empty

Babies and children can teach us so much about love and life. It is amazing how when you have a child you can think that you could never love another as much as you do this precious one, but when another comes along your love just expands more and more. As each child is born into your family your heart just grows bigger and each one is special in their own unique way. Then, years later (if it’s to be) grandchildren come along and to see your own children, that you love so much, have their own children, your heart just swells so much you’d think it would burst! But our capacity to love is infinite, there are no limits (unless we choose to create them.)

The photograph is of one of my grandaughters (Lucy) taken in December 2003, it is one of my (many) favourite baby photos of her. When Lucy was born her parents were living with me so I spent a lot of time with her and we became very close. They moved out when she was about four, luckily not too far away so I was still able to visit often. Lucy is now almost nine and still remembers our time together that provided many loving memories that we both share.

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