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child on fathers shoulders climbing fence - with quote

November 12th
You Are The Only Real Obstacle
In Your Path To A Fulfilling Life

I used to belong to the 'if only' club – if only I had more money I'd be able to… – if only I had a good job I'd be able to… – if only I had… and on it goes.

But I now know that I CREATE MY WORLD, no one else, so if there is something that I want to be, do or have, I am the only one stopping me. It doesn't mean that I now have everything that I desire, but I am 'working' on it. Using the Law of Attraction, as taught by Esther and Jerry Hicks, my perception of my life has changed and therefore, so has my life. Every day I wake up excited about...

children on hill in Wales - with quote

November 4th 2011
The Most Important Things In Life...
Aren't Things

What are the most important things in your life? When we give this question serious consideration we soon realise that it is not the material things that money can buy that are important to us, but our family, friends, good health and the feelings of love, happiness, contentment, and peace.

I often sit and talk with my parents about how life has changed since their parents generation, (going through to my grandchildren that's five generations). Of course there are major advances in healthcare, transportation, communications etc.. but...

October 2011 Blog Posts

cute baby with quote

October 10th 2011
It Is The Nature Of Babies
To Be In Bliss

Babies and young children are such wonderful examples of how to live life in the NOW moment. They haven’t developed our bad habits of worrying about future or past events, as long as they are not uncomfortable (hungry, tired, in pain etc..) they are always happy just to Be. I love to just sit and watch my younger grandchildren as they explore their world around them, their fascination with...

Teenager jumping off cliff in Jamaica - with quote

October 9th 2011
The Distance Is Nothing...
It Is Only The First Step That Is Difficult

This photograph is of my son jumping off a cliff in Jamaica, he was fifteen at the time and I had always thought that he was scared of heights because when he was younger he never liked the fairground rides that went up in the air. When we arrived at this place and he noticed the people queuing to jump he wanted to have a go. I was surprised and didn’t expect him to do it. There was a woman before him and she stepped up to the edge and hesitated, peering over to take a look at the long drop down, she stood there for a while deciding whether or not to take that first step into the unknown, but...

family having fun - with quote

Life Is Too Important...To Take Seriously

One of the most important things that I have learnt over the past few years is that life is supposed to be FUN. We are here to create and experience a life of love and joy, but for most of us the seriousness of everything that is going on in our personal, family and work lives gets a hold on us and is difficult to let go of.

For most people it seems that there is so much negative 'stuff' going on worldwide: wars, oppression, violence, neglect etc.. and the majority of people have a continuous struggle with having enough money to pay taxes, bills, debts or even being able to feed their families. We have been manipulated for many years to believe that...

September 2011 Blog Posts

Each step in life - quote on photograph

September 28th 2011
Each Step In Life
Takes Me To My Destination

For quite a few days now I have looked at this quote, the next on my list to write about, and I have struggled with what to write. Should I talk about the steps we take in life, or what I consider the destination? I kept on leaving it and coming back, thinking that the words would flow, but to no avail. Today I read the quote and it dawned on me that I need to take a step and begin writing, even though I don't know what to write, and by doing this I would reach my destination of a finished entry! Quite bizarre really, I've spent days wondering what to write and now by talking of this it reflects this quote!

All of life is a series of steps, whether it is...

cute baby with quote

September 19th 2011
A Little Child Enters Your Life
And Fills A Special Place In Your Heart
A Place That You Never Knew Was Empty

Babies and children can teach us so much about love and life. It is amazing how when you have a child you can think that you could never love another as much as you do this precious one, but when another comes along your love just expands more and more. As each child is born into your family your heart just grows bigger and each one is special in their own unique way. Then, years later...

There is always something beautiful - with quote

September 18th 2011
There's Always Something Beautiful To Be Experienced
Wherever You Are
Right Now -
Look Around You And Select Beauty As Your Focus
Wayne Dyer

This is something that I have been learning to do for a while now, it becomes easier and easier, and as time passes you realise that you are doing it naturally, without having to think about it, beauty becomes your main focus on whatever you are looking at. Cool!

I chose this photograph for the quote as...

mother & newborn baby girl - with quote

September 18th 2011
There Is No Love Like That Of A Mother
For Her Child

Obviously, I can only speak from my own experience, but I believe that a mother's love is the most simple, easy, but strongest of loves. For me it is the best example of unconditional love, as no matter what my children (or grandchildren) do, I will always love them. I may not like what they do and sometimes it is difficult to 'watch' and not try to control what they do, but...

child hidden in tree - with quote

September 15th 2011
God Hides Things
By Putting Them All Around Us

We are surrounded by outstanding beauty, wonderous sights and amazing 'miracles,' but we have to be open and willing to take the time to see and appreciate them. The more you notice and appreciate them, the more they show up, so the more you can notice and appreciate them, and on it goes.

Look to the simple things in life and you’ll find...

Teenager by river - with quote

September 13th 2011
Everything Flows And Nothing Stays

We only have to look at nature to see that nothing stays the same, a deciduous tree is a wonderful example of this as it cycles through the seasons; bringing forth its buds and beautiful blossom in the summer, an abundance of leaves in the summer, changing colour and letting go in the autumn/fall and then bare in the winter. Trees also can be so majestic and tall, but they know how to bend and sway with whatever comes their way, if they were rigid they would not survive. I think that trees are...

children sat on doorstep - with quote

September 12th 2011
Children Are Like Wet Cement
Whatever Falls On Them Makes An Impression

Haim Ginott

I have always thought that babies and young children should not be subjected to any unkind words or actions, whether it is towards them or in their presence. On the day that my first grandchild was born (22nd December 1997), I had a strong desire to put into words how I thought that babies 'absorb' what is going on around them. (see 'Letter From Newborn' below) I now know, through the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction that as they are 'Vibrational Beings,' babies and children pick up, and soon learn to mimic the vibrations of those that surround them.

child & baby's hands - with quote

September 11th 2011
Children Are The Hands By Which
We Take Hold Of Heaven

Henry Ward Beecher

I have always been fascinated by the tiny hands of babies, they are so small, and so perfect. I took this photograph of two of my grandaughters Sophie (baby) and Jessica (child) in August 2007, this was the first time that Jessica got to cuddle her new niece.

This Abraham-Hicks clip talks of how children are...

The spiritual path - quote on photo

September 9th 2011
The Spiritual Path Is Simply The Journey Of Living Our Lives
Everyone Is On A Spiritual Path...
Most People Just Don't Know It

Marianne Williamson

I believe that we are all on a Spiritual Journey because we are all Spiritual Beings in physical bodies. Even someone who doesn't believe in any sort of God/Force in the Universe and thinks that the physical is all that there is, is on a Spiritual Path, albeit a very windy one. I believe there is a choice of many different paths for us to travel, it doesn't matter which one we choose, because they all lead to the same place...

Do what makes you happy quote on photo

September 8th 2011
Do What Makes You Happy
Be With Who Makes You Smile
Laugh As Much As You Breathe
And Love As Long As You Live

Such simple words, but they are the path to living a life of joy. I use the Law of Attraction as taught by Abraham-Hicks to live a life of peace and joy. This simple quote just about covers it all.

Do what makes you happy – To get anything that you desire, to be in your life you have to be happy NOW, it’s no good thinking I’ll be happy when such and such happens or I’ll be happy when I have that one thing I’ve always wanted, because it will never happen! You have to be happy in this moment to...

child in snow - with quote

September 7th 2011
People Are Like Snowflakes...
Every One Is Special

We don't get snow very often here in England, so when we get a good few inches the children (and adults) love to go out and play. The snowfall (above) started on 5th January 2010 at night so when the children woke in the morning they couldn't wait to get outside to play. The photo is of my grandaughter Lucy.

No two snowflakes are exactly alike, just the same as no two people are completely identical (not even identical twins). I did wonder if this was really true...

Look on everything - quote on photo

September 6th 2011
Look On Everything As Though
You Are Seeing It For Either The First, Or The Last Time
Then Your Days On Earth Will Be Filled With Glory

Betty Smith

One of the sayings of Abraham-Hicks is to "See your world through the eyes of Source" I think that this quote has a similar meaning. When we look at something as though seeing it for the first or maybe the last time, we look at it more closely, we appreciate it more, we see the beauty in its shape, the colours are more vibrant and we feel a sense of wonder.

The more you do this the more you notice all around you, there is...

Three children - with quote

September 5th 2011
While We Try To Teach Our Children All About Life
Our Children Teach Us What Life Is All About

Angela Schwindt

I was blessed with having three children, I would have liked to have had more, but it was not to be. I had just turned eighteen when my first daughter was born in 1979. The following year I had a son and then in 1983 another daughter. I have never regretted having my children at a young age, and especially now it is wonderful to have grandchildren in my life. Those early years when my children were young slipped by so fast. There are many things I would have done differently, if I'd have known what I know now, but I can...

dandelion seed head - with quote

September 4th 2011
There Are Only Two Ways To Live Your Life
One... As Though Nothing Is A Miracle
The Other Is... As Though Everything Is A Miracle

Albert Einstein

I so love this photograph – I took it when out for a walk early 2010, and was amazed when I looked at it on the computer when I got home. It is so perfect and intricate and beautiful, zooming in, it's like hundreds of exploding little lights placed so precisely to make a wonderful pattern.

wedding photo with quote

September 3rd 2011
From This Day Forward You Shall Not Walk Alone
My Heart Will Be Your Shelter And My Arms Will Be Your Home

When my youngest daughter got married in May 2002 (photo) it had to be done on a 'tight' budget. Her beautiful dress was bought in a sale, I made the three bridesmaids dresses and jackets, plus a jacket for the bride from side panels taken off of her dress. My other daughter arranged all the flowers. The groom's mother made an amazing wedding cake decorated with horses...

Walk the spiritual path quote on photo

September 2nd 2011
Walk the spiritual path
Say little... Love much...
Give all... Judge no man
Aspire to all that is pure and good
And keep on keeping on.

Great words of advise for keeping on the spiritual path of life...

Walk The Spiritual Path – I believe that we are all 'walking a spiritual path', it's just that some people are not aware of this. We are Spiritual Beings first but a lot of people get caught up in the illusion and drama that comes with living in a physical body.
Say Little - I think that...

English country cottage with quote

September 1st 2011
When We Create Peace, Harmony And Balance In Our Minds
We Will Find It In Our Lives

The world that we see around us is a reflection of our 'inner world'. If we are not at peace in our minds and hearts, then we will not see it in our world.

The Law of Attraction teaches us that we attract what we focus on. To put it simply…if our habitual thoughts are negative, then more negative things will happen to us – if we think more positively then we will attract more positive things into our lives.

I have always thought...

August 2011 Blog Posts

It is never too late quote on photo

August 31st 2011
It Is Never Too Late
To Be What We Might Have Been

We are all born with the potential and ability to be, do or have anything that we desire. But for most of us, life experience doesn't 'show' us this possibility. We grow up accepting the limitations that surround us and follow the pattern set by our ancestors. For example, you have to go to school to learn, you have to go to work to have money, you have to follow rules, regulations and laws set by others, you have to do what 'authoritative' people (doctors, religious leaders etc..) tell you as they 'know best'. But, WE are the creators of our lives, at any time we can break free from all the restraints...

Mother and child 1940's - with quote

30th August 2011
A Mothers Love Is Like A Circle
It Has No Beginning And No Ending

This photograph is of my father (William) and his mother (Evelyn) taken in late 1930's. My father was the first child and was born with club feet. His parents were told that this would affect him all his life and that he would never be able to play sports. He was given a new treatment at that time and spent most of his younger years in plaster casts. He also got meningitis as a toddler and spent months in hospital recovering. William was to prove the doctors wrong as is wasn't long before...

sleeping child with quote

August 28th 2011
The Only Thing Worth Stealing
Is A Kiss From A Sleeping Child

Joe Houldsworth

Sleeping children are so angelic, there is something so pure and simple that pulls at your heartstrings when you gaze at a young child or baby that is sleeping.

This photograph was taken in November 2004 and is of...

Love everything quote on photo

August 26th 2011

Love Everything You Set Your Eyes Upon are very wise words to live by, if we all did this single thing our world would change before our eyes! The Law of Attraction teaches us that, by focusing on and appreciating anything, brings more of the same to us, so by "loving everything you set your eyes upon" you are going to bring an abundance of lovely things into your life. Of course it is easy to love some things such as nature, family, friends and things we like to do, but what about the things that go on in the world that we don't like.
The knack is to...

Live today quote on photo

August 23rd 2011
Live Today
For Tomorrow It Will All Be History

Spring has always been my favorite time of year, I especially love the blossom on the trees and am amazed at the abundance of beauty that trees create as they begin their cycle of growth.

This photo (8th May 2010) I took while walking in a small wood near my home, two of my children and three of my grandchildren were with me. They grew impatient waiting for me as I stopped so many times to take photographs of all the wonderful signs of spring that surrounded us. They walked (or ran) past all of these things with just the odd glance, not stopping to appreciate the beauty that was all around us. I used to...

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