Spiritual Nursery Rhymes

Joey, Tyler and Ben (2016)

These Spiritual Nursery Rhymes are simple words of love, truth and Light for young children. Although the word ‘God’ is used in some of them, it can be easily changed to whatever is preferred. (Source, All-That-Is, Allah, Elohim, Jehovah etc..)

For many generations we have repeated over and over again rhymes to babies, toddlers and young children. Many of them are nonsense, negative or even violent! Because these rhymes are spoken so often they become a part of a child’s subconscious mind and will easily be remembered even into adulthood.

Teaching a little one rhymes that speak of positivity, love, nature, creativity etc.. is a way to instill a much more helpful mindset, that will enhance their future lives.

My First Spiritual Nursery Rhyme

One of my very first poems (in 2000) was a rhyme for young children. (Where Is God?) I had not intended to write this early poem, but the words just floated into my mind as I was gazing out of a bus window travelling through the beautiful countryside. The words stuck with me and so I wrote them down later that day and put them away.

In 2011, the year after I started this site, I wanted to have a page of Spiritual Poems For Children, and so I wrote some more, with themes such as reincarnation and the Law Of Attraction.

This year (2019) I wrote My Hands, Your Hands, God’s Hands which I intended for very young children. As I was posting it on my Inspirational Poem Blog I realised that my vision for it was as a nursery rhyme that gets repeated often so that it is imprinted on their minds. I then wanted to write some more Spiritual Nursery Rhymes. I will be adding others soon.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Spiritual Nursery Rhymes
I Am Love 

I Am Love
I Am Light
My future is always bright

I Am Peace
I Am Joy
Just like every girl and boy

I Am Unique
I Am Me
It’s who I came to be

I am One
I am Free
To express our Unity

I Am Eternal
I Am Soul
Love always my goal

I Am Loved
I Am Divine
God’s Heart is a part of mine

Trina Graves – 30th June 2019

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Spiritual Nursery Rhymes
My Hands, Your Hands,
God’s Hands

My hands touch you with love
Your hands do this too
God’s Hands always love you

My hands feed you food
Your hands try this too
God’s Hands always feed you

My hands take care of you
Your hands are learning this too
God’s Hands always care for you

My hands keep you safe
Your hands will learn this too
God’s Hands are always safe for you

My hands hold yours to guide you
Your hands will not always need me
But in God’s Hands we will always be

Trina Graves – May 2019

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Spiritual Nursery Rhymes
Where Is God? 

God is in the flowers
God is in the trees
God is in the butterflies
And the birds and bees

God is in the sunshine
God is in the storm
God is in the snow and frost
That makes you wrap up warm

God is in the good
God is in the bad
God is in what makes you happy
And what makes you sad

God is everywhere you look
And everywhere you go
God is your best friend always
Because God loves you so

Trina Graves – 19th May 2000

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Spiritual Nursery Rhymes
1, 2..  Learn Something New 

   1, 2…  Learn something new
   3, 4…  Ideas grow more
   5, 6…  The clock always ticks
   7, 8…  Change is a date
   9, 10…  Enjoy it when
   11, 12…  Inspired to delve
   13, 14…  Then you glean
   15, 16…  From the unseen
   17, 18…  What does life mean?..
   19, 20…  Joys are plenty

Trina Graves – 30th June 2019

Out on a family walk (2016)

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