We Are Being Taken Over

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 We Are Being Taken Over   

We are being taken over
This is not a Conspiracy Theory
You will know this to be true
If you read all the way through

We  are being taken over
They are already here living among us
They arrive each and every day
There is NO stopping them

They are positioning themselves in all walks of life
All Races, All Cultures, All Classes, All Abilities
They are willing to infiltrate them all

They don’t have control yet
But they will…
It’s only a matter of TIME

Slowly, but surely they WILL take over
They will be in CONTROL of…
every village, every town, every city
every Country and every Nation

They will be in every job…
Teachers, Shop Workers, Lawyers
Nurses, Social Workers, Authors
Doctors, Carers, Bankers, Police…
Every single occupation…

They will command and be
the Governments and Armies
of every single Nation

Their influence will touch the lives of us ALL
They will be the parents of the next generations
Instilling their own beliefs and their own way of life
On the children of the future

Waiting for THEIR time
In the years ahead
They WILL take over
No one will be immune
To Their Domination

They will have TOTAL CONTROL
Wherever you go on this planet
THEY will be there!

Are you concerned about this?
Are you worried what will happen?

Surely, somehow THEY can be stopped?
What if we close our borders?

But, they are NOT arriving in that way
They have another means of entry

This Invasion has been going on since humans began
We are powerless to stop it

But… Thankfully
Scientists have recently discoverd
that we CAN gain control
They have found out that when these Beings arrive
They are NOT fully programmed
We DO have the power to install the software
That can benefit us ALL

It’s a Mammoth task
But it’s do-able
If enough of the right people
Take their part

These Beings use a type of Mind Virus
To adapt to our world
They learn to behave like humans
by Memes

They also…
Watch our every move
Listen to our every word
Copy our mannerisms, actions and habits

They can even tune into our thoughts
So, we have to be AWARE at all times

We need to use our Hearts and Minds
How we want our world to be…
Loving, Peaceful, Supportive, Generous
Helpful, Compassionate, Forgiving

Caring and Sharing the Abundance of Resource
Available for EVERYONE
Living in Appreciation and Gratitude
Treasuring our planet and
Every living thing on it

Then we can program the new arrivals
With these qualities

We will have to be very careful to do our best
To live these qualities ourselves
Because their complete Core Programming
Takes about six years

It will be very easy, at first to nurture them
Showing them only Love, Compassion and Joy

But… as time passes
And we have bad days
And get stressed
About this and that
It becomes harder
To stay AWARE


As I said, it is a tremendous task
But, it would be worth it…
What a wonderful world we could share
In the future

And in OUR aging years…
We would be surrounded by
Loving, Caring Citizens of Earth
We would be Joyously Happy
To let these new Beings take over

The future of life on Earth
Would be safe in their
Capable, Caring Hands and Hearts

So, who among us is up for the job?

Well, actually…
They have already Chosen YOU!

Who are these Infiltrators?
And where do they come from?

They are Pure Beings of Love and Light
Sent to Earth to Guide us
And to Teach us to remember
Who we are…

We Are Beings Of Love And Light

They come from…
They are…

Our Children
Trina Graves 2016

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