Conversations With God Core Concepts & Verse

Neale Donald Walsch

The Conversations With God series of books by Neale Donald Walsch are amongst my all time favourites and I think are very inspiring books to read. I was ‘attracted’ to the first book and felt compelled to buy it, I couldn’t believe how much it ‘spoke’ to me and how much its concepts felt so right. I couldn’t put it down and passed the book on to others that I thought would appreciate it and could learn from its wisdom.

The beginning of this page contains the Core Concepts from the Neale Donald Walsch – Conversations With God, Book 1 Guidebook.

In 2001 I began to write some verse based on these Conversation With God Concepts, I have added these underneath.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Conversations With God
Core Concepts
by Neale Donald Walsch

All Conditions Are Temporary.

All Of Life Is A Conversation With God.

All Relationship Is Holy.

All You See In Your World Is
The Outcome Of Your Idea About It.

Feeling Is The Language Of The Soul.

God Commands No One.

God is communicating with us all the time.

God Is Life, And The Stuff Life Is.

God Needs Nothing
& Therefore Requires Nothing From Us.

God’s Love Is Unconditional.

God Talks To Everyone.

Human Beings Consist Of
Three Distinct Energies.

In The Absence Of
That Which You Are Not,
That Which You Are… Is.

Life Is Not A Process Of Discovery,
It Is A Process Of Creation.

Nothing Stays The Same

Passion Is Not Expectation,
& Expectation Is Not Passion.

Relationships Work Best
When You Do What Is Best For You.

Suffering Is Not Necessary.

The Purpose Of The Soul Is Evolution.

There Are Two Sponsoring Thoughts..
Fear And Love.

There Is Enough.

There Is No Such Thing As Right And Wrong.

Thought, Word And Deed
Are The Three Levels Of Creation

To Want Something
Is To Push It Away From You.

What You Fear, You Attract.

What You Resist Persists.

You Are A Human BE-ing.

You Are A Part Of The Body Of God.

You Are What You Think You Are.

You Are Your Own Thoughts About Yourself
Made Manifest.

You Need No God.

Your Health Is Your Creation.

Your Life Is Not About Your Body.

Your Purpose In Life Is To Decide & To Declare,
To Express & To Experience WHO YOU REALLY ARE

This Is The Purpose Of All Life, That Is Evolution.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Verse Based On
Conversation With God Concepts 

Feeling Is The Language

Of The Soul
by Trina Graves 

If ever you are unsure of what to do
Look to your feelings for they will be true
Your feelings about something will never lie
Use them to guide you, go on, give it a try

Words are so easily misunderstood
We all have our own views, which aren’t always good
We all look at life in different ways
Understanding each other through our perceptual haze

By using your feelings you’ll learn to live intuitively
You’ll start to become who you really want to be
The path is not always easy to the light
So don’t be afraid to do what you feel is right
Your soul will guide you always wanting what’s best
So put your feelings to the ultimate test

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

God Is Communicating
With Us All The Time
by Trina Graves 

God is all around us and eventually
If you open your mind you will see
The little things that show He is there
Whenever we need an answer to a prayer

Know that He will answer, if you wait
Have faith that He will communicate
Be open to His wisdom everywhere you glance
For nothing that happens in life is by chance

Quite unexpectedly one day
It may come in something you hear or say
Just listening to the radio or watching TV
You’ll realise that this was meant to be

The answer may just drift into your mind
God has many helpers who are always kind
You may hear a whisper into your ear
To let you know that God is always near

The answer may take you by surprise
God is communicating right before your eyes
The slightest little thing can happen at any time
You have to be open to see the sign

He will always answer it’s plain to see
For God loves us unconditionally

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

God Talks To Everyone

by Trina Graves 

Some people find it hard to believe
That a conversation with God is easy to achieve
For there is no one that God does not talk to
God communicates with us all, no matter what we do

The real question is, are you listening out?
For God communicates not with a shout
God’s words may be ‘heard’ as a feeling so real
You’ll know it’s the truth from just how you feel

Or maybe the next person that you meet today
Will give you an answer to show the way
We are all One, linked to God above
That person is an ‘Angel’ sent from Heaven with love

Perhaps on the radio a song that you hear
Will bring the answer ever so clear
A film, or a book that just comes to hand
Is ‘meant to be’ that’s the way God planned

So if there is anything you’re concerned about
Just talk to God in a whisper or a shout
God is always there with us, waiting to give
Help and guidance to how we might live

You may not get the answer immediately
Be patient and wait for you will soon see
If you’re willing to be open to whatever comes your way
You’ll be blessed with God’s Words day after day

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Nothing Stays The Same

by Trina Graves 

In this constant journey
that is our life
Nothing stays the same
Whoever we are, whatever
we do
Nothing stays the same

From birth to childhood,
teen to adult
Nothing stays the same
Old age and death the
cycle goes
Nothing stays the same

With each new experience
we face each day
Nothing stays the same
People we meet, decisions
we make
Nothing stays the same

Our thoughts and feelings
are powerful energy tools
Nothing stays the same
In each moment of NOW we
create ourselves anew
Nothing stays the same

With each new thought,
good or bad
Nothing stays the same
We become much more than
we were before
Nothing stays the same

Through the cycle of lives
we come and go
Nothing stays the same
Manifesting all through
our attitude and focus
Nothing stays the same

What’s the purpose of it
all you may well ask
If…Nothing stays the same
Remembering we are all
One, Eternally growing
So…Nothing stays the

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

There Are Only Two Sponsoring

Thoughts: Love & Fear
by Trina Graves 

No matter what you may face in this life
The good and glad, the struggle and strife
Whatever you’re facing there’s one thing to ask
Is it fear or love, that’s bringing this task?

It’s easy to see that hate, jealousy and greed
Are all based on fear – you need to succeed
But even shyness and worry are based on a fear
Feeling not good enough, you shed many a tear

Whatever the fear – love is the cure
So unlock your heart and open the door
Love is always around, have faith and believe
Just reach out with love and you will receive

Love is incessant and all encompassing
It’s always around you waiting to bring
Joy to your life, contentment and bliss
So open your heart to receive its pure ‘kiss’

You can receive love and give it too
The world is opening up for you

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Thought, Word & Deed

Are The Three Levels Of Creation
by Trina Graves 

It isn’t always easy for us to see
That we all create our own reality
The things that we think, say and do
Will one day for us be true

As much as possible think positvely
About all of your life, this is the first key
To unlock the door to your wishes and dreams
Positive thinking is what it seems
At first it’s hard to look on the bright side
When it seems life is taking you for a ride
But the more that you can appreciate
The more your life will begin to look great

Controlling your words is the second key
With positive thinking this comes naturally
If all that your thinking is good and kind
Words of love and praise you will easily find
Always speaking the truth with love in your heart
Sometimes will be difficult when you first start
But persevere and you will eliminate hate
There’s no better way to communicate

If love guides your thoughts and words easily
Then your actions will show love effortlessly
It’s often said ‘action speaks louder than word’
So do everything with love and you will be heard
Whatever you consistantly think say and do
Put together will create your world for you
Be love and find the good in all things
You’ll be amazed at the peace and joy that this brings

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