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These Abraham-Hicks quote poems are a fun way to learn about the teachings of Abraham (a Collective Consciousness) as each poem uses a quote from Abraham-Hicks as it's title and theme. One of the main points that Abraham always do their best to instill in us is that life is all about having fun and I really enjoy writing these poems and hope that I can pass on some enjoyment to others when they read them.

The titles are Abraham-Hicks quotes, the poems were all written by myself (Trina Graves). 

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Abraham-Hicks Quote Poems
A Belief Is Only A Thought
I Keep Thinking

Our lives are made up of many beliefs
We learn most when we are small
Most of us don’t even realize
How much they affect us all

So many beliefs are ingrained in us
We don’t even realize they are there
Maybe hearing things often as a young child
Or sensing our parents despair

Although we don’t need to dwell on the past
Sometimes it’s helpful to find
Those negative beliefs that are holding us back
By being dominant in our sub-conscious mind

A belief is only a thought we keep thinking
So our beliefs are easy to change
We just change it to a positive thought
Which at first will feel a bit strange

By focusing on the positive thought
And repeating it often each day
Soon you will find your new belief is there
In what you do and in what you say

For instance, one of the most common beliefs
That many of us have taken on
Is the ‘I’m not good enough’ syndrome
It is a belief that is so strong

‘I am good enough just as I am right now’
This new belief will affect your life dramatically
By accepting yourself just as you are
The door opens to abundance, you will soon see
Trina Graves (May 2011)

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Abraham-Hicks Quote Poems
Death Is Not A Bad Thing
But A Joyous Thing 

Why is it we all grieve
When someone passes on?
We’re just not connected to our truth
When we believe that they are gone

We’re taught as we grow up
That physicality is all we are
Limiting our perceptions
Blocking assistance from afar

In truth we are all Spirits
Whether here or on another plane
On Earth we live our lives
For the experiences we gain

Over there time is not measured
There are no limits to believe
We are One always together
There is no reason to grieve

Just because we cannot see them
Doesn’t mean they are not there
Our thoughts of love bind us together
All the treasured memories we share

Death is not a bad thing
We all make the transition home one day
But a joyous thing when we discover
Heaven is not so far away
Trina Graves (Nov. 2016)

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Abraham-Hicks Quote Poems
Get Into The Vortex...
And Then 

Get into the Vortex... and then start the day
In the Vortex you’ll have fun and play.

Get into the Vortex... and then eat that food
In the Vortex you’ll be in a good mood.

Get into the Vortex... and then exercise
In the Vortex your achievements will rise.

Get into the Vortex... and then talk to your friend
In the Vortex pure love you will send.

Get into the Vortex... and then write that letter
In the Vortex your frame of mind is better.

Get into the Vortex... and then clear that mess
In the Vortex you’ll make fuss less.

Get into the Vortex...  and then read a book
In the Vortex with an open mind you will look.

Get into the Vortex...  and then make that call
In the Vortex you will not stall.

Get into the Vortex...  and then take that test
In the vortex you’re at your best.

Get into the Vortex...  and then ask for that date
In the Vortex enthusiasm you’ll radiate.

Get into the Vortex...  and then do your speech
In the Vortex your Inner Guidance you’ll reach.

Get into the Vortex...  and then share a meal
In the Vortex appreciation you will feel.

Get into the Vortex...  and then meditate
In the Vortex to your Soul you’ll relate.

Get into the Vortex...  and then say a prayer
In the Vortex your Source is there.
Trina Graves (May 2011)

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Abraham-Hicks Quote Poems
It Is My Dominant Intent
To Be Good To Me

When I wake up in the morning
This thought goes through my head
It’s my dominant intent to be good to me
Through this day, no matter what’s said

Whatever each new day brings
I know I’ve created it all
All my thoughts and feelings
Mould my life – that is the law

Attracting what I want each day
Is what I expect and intend
By focusing on being good to myself
My decisions are my friend

Always choosing what’s best for me
Whatever comes my way
I know will create just what I want
So it’s my dominant intent each day
Trina Graves (May 2011)

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Abraham-Hicks Quote Poems
Never Mind What Is 

Never mind what is...
It’s your thoughts that create what’s true
Never mind what is...
Just focus on the new you

Never mind what is...
It’s all in the past
Never mind what is...
None of this will last

Never mind what is...
Each moment is a new beginning
Never mind what is...
So much joy law of attraction is bringing

Never mind what is...
Your thoughts create your reality
Never mind what is...
In your mind you can clearly see

Never mind what is...
Everything you desire is heading your way
Never mind what is...
Your Vortex is the place to stay
Trina Graves (May 2011)

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Abraham-Hicks Quote Poems
Reach For A Thought
That Feels Better 

If you’re needing help in any way
To keep yourself positive
Reach for a thought that feels better
Is the best advice anyone can give

No matter how you are feeling
Whether angry, depressed or lost
Reaching for a better thought
Brings relief at no great cost

Even if from depressed to angry
Is the step you need to take
As long as you don’t stay in anger too long
You’ll feel better with each step you make

Always reaching for a better thought
Is a wonderful habit to pursue
You will raise your vibration incrementally
And create a blissful, beautiful you
Trina Graves (May 2011)

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Abraham-Hicks Quote Poems
There Is Great Love
Here For You 

Of all the words to remember
This is so important and true
No matter what you are doing
There is great love here for you

For the Source of All-That-Is
Loves us all Unconditionally
If we open our hearts to receive it
Love flows to us effortlessly

There is nothing we could do
That would ever stop the flow
We are given our birthright of freewill
Regardless of anything, God loves us so

If only we could do as shown
And give to all our Unconditional love
We would raise our vibrations up so high
The Earth would become as Heaven above
Trina Graves (May 2011)

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Abraham-Hicks Quote Poems
Through The Eyes Of Source

My physical eyes have limited sight
Filters of thought and belief blur my view
But if I look Through The Eyes Of Source
I will see everything clearly and true

To look through with the Eyes Of Source
I first need to change and lighten my mind
I let go of any not-good feeling thoughts
And think ones that feel better and kind

I talk to myself about things that are good
And things that I really appreciate
Then as I feel that upliftment in me
Through The Eyes Of Source I will vibrate

Looking Through The Eyes Of Source
It is easy to appreciate and expand
By noticing all the beauty there is
Wherever my enchanted gaze may land

Walking outside with Mother Nature
Using the Eyes Of Source as my looking glass
My vision sometimes gets blurred with tears
At the intense magnificence of everything I pass

With the colours, shapes, size and variety
Of  the infinite abundance of nature’s forms
From the majestic tall trees to a daisy in the grass
Looking Through The Eyes Of Source, my heart warms

In every face there is a simple beauty
The Eyes Of Source will always see
Wrinkled, scarred - it matters not
Even looking in a mirror at me

The intoxication I feel has seeped into my life
I am now selective on where my focus will be
I’ve lost interest in looking with my dull ‘human’ eyes
As Through The Eyes Of Source I now choose to see
Trina Graves (Nov. 2016)

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Abraham-Hicks Quote Poems
You Are The Creator
Of Your Own Life Experience 

The Law of Attraction is becoming well known
We are all searching for the way
To bring more joy and love to our lives
To appreciate each and every day

You are the creator of your own life experience
Can be difficult at first to take on
‘How can that be true for me,’ most would say
‘I wouldn’t create everything in my life that’s gone wrong’

But the Law of Attraction is a powerful force
Which we apply just by our thought
It knows no difference, yes or no are the same
So everything to your life you have brought

Always remember a positive thought
Is more stronger than a negative one
And keep on reaching for better thoughts
This ‘work’ is on-going, it’s never done

It doesn’t matter what’s happened in your past
All that matters is this moment right now
By accepting yourself where you are
You can go on to create a life that will - Wow

To create the beautiful life of your dreams
Just focus on following your bliss
If you let go and are open to let it all flow
‘Coincidental’ opportunities you will not miss

Each day bring your focus on all
The love, joy and beauty around
Live each moment with inner peace
And Heaven on Earth you will have found
Trina Graves (May 2011)

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 Abraham-Hicks Quote Poems
You Only Hear
What You Are Ready To Hear 

Even though we are all one
We’re also individuals too
Which means we are each unique
Looking at life with our perceptional view

It seems our lives are moulded
In so many different ways
But the truth is we are the Source of it all
With our own thoughts we create our days

You only hear what you are ready to hear
Many people are not open to see
Whatever is going on in their lives
They created their own reality

But all is not lost by such words
The seed is planted and you will find
One day in the future, something will ‘click’
And the truth will blossom in their mind
Trina Graves (May 2011)

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 Abraham-Hicks Quote Poems
You Will Know Your Path
By The Fun Of It 

Many of us feel there is something
We should be doing that we’re not
Nothing seems quite right for us
No matter what we’ve achieved or got

We all come to Earth with a plan
There is something special we came to do
And nothing will ease this empty feeling
Until we set on our path that’s true

But some of us can’t seem to find the way
Even to see the path we should take
It seems there are too many roads to choose
How do we know and not make a mistake?

The secret is to always look for
The thing that you find is fun
What is it that you love to do?
If you had a list, what’s number one?

What is it that eradicates time?
You don’t notice the ticking of the clock
When doing the thing you love
It’s as if time has hit a block

What is it that gets you all fired up?
Burning with a passionate desire
Some way of helping others is the key
To know it’s the path that will raise you higher

You may find you begin many trails
There are an abundance of fun ways to go
But taking many paths won’t fill your aching need
Your progress on The One will be too slow

If you find it difficult to make the choice
Which ones could you live without
And which is the one that keeps calling
It may start as a whisper, but becomes a shout

In my life I’ve started various paths
Many similar, but I was never quite sure
Which was my one true path I should tread
To  fulfill me and make my heart soar

It’s taken me numerous years to realise
One of the earliest I took was my authentic  path
But I believe everything happens for a reason
So joyfully I walk on, and at myself I laugh

And now that I know I’m on the right path
I follow its course each and every day
I know in my heart it’s the one for me
No matter what others may say

There are times that I might stumble or fall
The way ahead is not always level or smooth
But I’ll just get back up and carry on
Onwards and upwards I’ll always move

If I have a difficult decision  to make
At any junction or crossroads on the way
I always know how to make the choice
Which one would be fun to play?

I know my path by the fun of it
I enjoy what I am doing, it’s true
So I hope this poem will shed some light
On the fun path ahead for you
Trina Graves (Nov. 2016)

Love, Light, Blessings

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