Live Today
For Tomorrow It Will All Be History

Live today - quote on photo

23rd August 2011

Live Today
For Tomorrow It Will All Be History


Spring has always been my favourite time of year, I especially love the blossom on the trees and am amazed at the abundance of beauty that trees create as they begin their cycle of growth.

This photo (8th May 2010) I took while walking in a small wood near my home, two of my children and three of my grandchildren were with me. They grew impatient waiting for me as I stopped so many times to take photographs of all the wonderful signs of spring that surrounded us. They walked (or ran) past all of these things with just the odd glance, not stopping to appreciate the beauty that was all around us. I used to be that way, I certainly didn’t really appreciate the wonder of nature. But since I began to study and practise the Law of Attraction as taught by Abraham-Hicks, I began to change my perceptions, attitude and whole outlook on life. One of the earliest signs of change was that I began to notice the beauty in nature more, each time I went out I would 'see' things differently and appreciate more. Colours became more vibrant, shapes intrigued me, the variety amazed me... I had begun to see my world 'Through The Eyes Of Source' (Abraham-Hicks).

I now know that it is so important to live for the moment, to be happy NOW, appreciate and LIVE today, always doing our best to live in joy and love for all.

Tomorrow... when we look back on today... our history, there is no better memory than knowing that, our yesterdays were filled with happiness and love.

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