Love Everything You Set Your Eyes Upon

Love everything quote on photo

26th August 2011

Love Everything You Set Your Eyes Upon

These are very wise words to live by, if we all did this single thing our world would change before our eyes!

The Law of Attraction teaches us that by focusing on and appreciating anything, brings more of the same to us, so by loving everything you set your eyes upon you are going to bring an abundance of lovely things into your life.

Of course it is easy to love some things such as nature, family, friends and things we like to do, but what about the things that go on in the world that we don't like. The knack is to, as much as possible, only put your attention on positive, good things in your life. Turn you attention away from any negative things (mainstream media, gossip etc..) which although may seem difficult at first, gets easier as more and more 'lovable' things begin to show up in your life. It doesn't mean that you have to ignore the 'bad' things going on in the world, just don't focus on them for too long...acknowledge them for presenting you with the firm belief that they are not something you want to create in your life...and then send out thoughts of unconditional love and acknowledge that you can't control another's behaviour or life, only your own.

This photograph was taken on 8th May 2010 in a small woods near to my home.

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