Everything Flows And Nothing Stays

13th September 2011

Everything Flows And Nothing Stays
Haim Ginott

We only have to look at nature to see that nothing stays the same, a deciduous tree is a wonderful example of this as it cycles through the seasons; bringing forth its buds and beautiful blossom in the summer, an abundance of leaves in the summer, changing colour and letting go in the autumn/fall and then bare in the winter. Trees also can be so majestic and tall, but they know how to bend and sway with whatever comes their way, if they were rigid they would not survive. I think that trees are brilliant guides to the flowing of life.

I remember once my (ex) husband telling me that I had changed, I was only in my early twenties and I told him that I hadn’t changed at all, because at that time I thought that to change was a bad thing, and I didn’t think that I had. I now know that we are all constantly changing and this is a good thing. Some people don’t like or even fear change, but to improve is to change and I’m sure there is no one who would not like to improve themselves in some way or another.

If we resist the flow of life and try to constantly stay the same, it’s not long before we become stagnant, negative and eventually (I believe) illness or dis-ease would manifest in our minds or bodies. We need to embrace change as growth – spiritual, mental or physical – can only come about by change.

The photograph is of my youngest daughter (Emma)taken on holiday in Devon in 2000.

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