Life Should Be Measured By

trees by lake photograph with quote

18th April 2012

Life Should Be Measured By
How Many Moments Take Your Breath Away

Instead Of How Many Breaths You Take

I love this photograph, it is one of my favourites and for me is so fitting for this quote. Sometimes when I am appreciating the beauty in nature it ‘takes my breath away,’ and then sometimes I take a picture thinking it will be quite good, then when I put it onto my computer I am amazed at what I didn’t ‘see’ originally. When I took this photo I loved all of the different trees, but I hadn’t really noticed the reflection in the water.

I think that many of us go through life measuring it by major events or just going through the everyday motions, keeping our focus on the next day off, holiday or special occasion to enjoy. When really we should be noticing and appreciating all of the little things everyday that contribute to make our lives a constant joy and blessing, if we are open to it.

Life should be FUN and full of Love and Joy, but what many people do not realize is that we have been manipulated and controlled for generations to follow the rules of society. We have been indoctrinated to send our children to institutions (under the guise of education) so that they can be taught how to follow our footsteps in becoming good citizens who work hard, (mostly in jobs they don’t enjoy) so that the bills can be paid and things can be bought, to keep up with the latest trends and fill up our ’empty’ lives. ‘Free’ time is usually spent mesmerized by watching stories of other people failing in their lives, or tightly controlled news reports of all the bad things going on in the world. Some people try to escape the drudgery of their everyday lives by drinking alcohol or taking drugs, which makes them feel better for a while.

It is wonderful to know that NOW this is changing. Everyday more and more people are Awakening to the ‘Reality’ that WE DO have Control over Our Lives. We are Spiritual Beings who Create our world through our thoughts and our feelings. There are so many great ‘Teachers’ from past times and present day, who taught and teach by their own example of how to live a life of Love and Peace.

My favourite teachers are Abraham Hicks, I love to listen to Abraham speaking through Esther as their wise words of advice are uplifting, often funny, and always make so much sense to me. Since I began to consistently use their teachings my life has changed. I now enjoy EVERY day and always keep my focus on the Love, Joy and Beauty that surrounds me wherever I go. Abraham Hicks use the wonderful expression of seeing “Through The Eyes Of Source.”

I believe that this year will bring wonderful changes around our beautiful planet, as more and more of us live our lives focusing on the Love that we truly ARE.

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