God Hides Things

child hidding in tree with quote

15th September 2011

God Hides Things
By Putting Them All Around Us

We are surrounded by outstanding beauty, wonderous sights and amazing ‘miracles,’ but we have to be open and willing to take the time to see and appreciate them. The more you notice and appreciate them, the more they show up, so the more you can notice and appreciate them, and on it goes.

Look to the simple things in life and you’ll find an abundance of joy and beauty, whether it’s going out into nature, watching children play, doing something you really enjoy, or just stroking your cat/dog – take time out everyday to appreciate something.

The Simple Things In Life

If ever you are feeling down
Whatever it is that makes you frown
Just open your eyes and look about
You’ll find something without a doubt
To make you smile and appreciate
That the simple things in life are great

A smile, a glance, a hug, a touch
From someone that you love so much
A flower, a leaf a blade of grass
Nature’s treasures that we blindly pass

The serenity of a sleeping child
Even if, in the day they tend to run wild
A newborn baby so complete, yet so small
You can’t help but wonder the miracle of it all

Trina Graves

The photograph is of my first grandchild (Jessica) who is now almost fourteen. It is such a blessing to have grandchildren, it’s another chance to learn about unconditional love, letting go, living in the moment and the wonder of this amazing world.

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