Babies Are A Link Between Angels And Man

19th April 2012

Babies Are A Link Between Angels And Man

There’s something about the tiny, delicate hands of newborn babies that I adore, so obviously I love photographs of babies hands. The majority of the photographs that I use for my Facebook quotes are my own, the rest are from my family or friends. This photograph was taken by my son-in-law Mark Stocker and is of his youngest daughter Amy.

For me, the quote is a reminder that babies are fresh from ‘heaven,’ each and every baby is as an angel, a pure, innocent spirit, full of unconditional love.

When I was around eleven or twelve I heard that babies that died without being Christened first were treated differently. I can’t remember what it was exactly, but it was something like they wouldn’t go to heaven or that they couldn’t have a church service & burial. What I do remember is that I decided that this was definitely not what God would want, as a baby is totally innocent, so religion must be more to do with man than God. I also became interested in where did the baby come from, not physically but spiritually, where was the spirit or soul before it entered the baby’s body. People talked about going to heaven when we die, but no one seemed to discuss where we came from, it fascinated me and I wanted to know the answer.

Another interesting memory, of around the same time, is of getting a pen-friend, I can’t remember where they were from and I only ever received one letter. With the letter was a ‘diary’ written from an unborn baby, describing how each week it developed and looked forward to doing things with the mother. The last entry was ‘Today my mother killed me.’ This one letter had a dramatic effect on me, I had never before really thought about abortion, but I knew that I could NEVER have one under any circumstances. When I became pregnant at seventeen, as I wasn’t married, I knew that my parents would consider that option, but even though I was shy and avoided all confrontation, on telling them that I was pregnant I also said that I would not even think about having an abortion. I would like to point out that I have never judged anyone else for doing so, as I do believe it is a personal choice, but for me babies are one of life’s greatest blessing.

Today, when I first read which quote I was going to write about, (I am working my way through the quotes on my Facebook page) I thought that I would just write about my love of babies and photos of their hands. As I started to write, these memories came back to me and so I have just gone with the flow. It is interesting looking back on your life at the little things that shape it. That verse (which I still have) had more meaning to me than anything I’d previously read in my young life, maybe if I hadn’t of received that letter I might have been persuaded to end my pregnancy and my life would have been totally different as my children have always been my greatest joy. I now believe that I was destined to receive this as it was to influence my life and thoughts on the Spirit of babies. Now that I know about the Law Of Attraction, I know that I would have attracted to me the comments on babies not being christened, and this questioning of my perception of God, compared to what I was being taught, started my life-long quest for My Spiritual Path, which has brought me to sharing my Spirituality through this website and blog!

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