Heaven Is Under Our Feet

28th March 2012

Heaven Is Under Our Feet
As Well As Over Our Heads
Henry David Thoreau

My interpretation of this quote is that Heaven is here and now, all around us.

The definition of heaven in the dictionary is:
Place believed to be the home of God.
Where good people go when they die.
Place or state of bliss.

I believe that the home of God is Everywhere as there is Nowhere that God does not exist.

I also believe that when we die our Soul or Source Energy is still present here, if we want it to be. Most of us just can’t ‘see’ this Spiritual Energy as they are not in a physical body and we are taught to limit our sight to the physical. I don’t agree with idea that only ‘good’ people go to heaven as being ‘good’ is a matter of our individual perception. I believe that God/Source Energy loves us all unconditionally, so being ‘good’ is irrelevant. Although I think that there are different ‘levels’ of what we call heaven and, like on earth, the Law of Attraction is constant so we are drawn to be with souls who are on the same level of vibration.

The definition of bliss is ‘perfect happiness’ which I know is possible here and now. For many people happiness is something to gain when you achieve or possess something, but this is limiting because you will always want something more. The truth is that happiness is a state of being which, will bring you all that you desire through the Law of Attraction, but you have to BE happy first and foremost.

If you can Live In The Moment, happy and at peace with where you are in your life, then you will be in a state of Bliss, or in Heaven on Earth.

This is my constant focus for each day, and I am pleased to say that I do feel this most of the time. This doesn’t mean that my life is ‘perfect,’ I do desire more, but I am happy with where I am. In my old way of looking at life there are several major ‘lacks’ in my life, but I know that these will come my way in time, some of them are already beginning to manifest, now that I have let go of the Need and of focusing on the Lack.

I know that by Being Happy NOW, Focusing On Love, Joy, Beauty, Appreciation & Gratitude, my life will flow effortlessly and all the good things that I desire will come to me. I am in Heaven on Earth.

The photograph was taken in the late 90’s and was the view from my bedroom window. I spent many hours back then ‘meditating’ looking at these trees, thinking about how I wanted my life to change… And it has.

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