The Most Effective Kind Of Education

26th March 2012

The Most Effective Kind Of Education
Is That A Child Should Play Amongst Lovely Things

If you have read some of my other posts then you will know that I am a fan of the Law of Attraction and also of home education. This quote brings the two together.

Education (and life) should be fun and full of appreciation for the abundance of beauty that surrounds us. Wherever we ‘look’ there is always something to focus on that is good, whether it is something beautiful, useful or simply positive in some way or other. If we ‘train’ ourselves to always focus on the positives, more of the same will keep coming into our lives.. that’s the Law of Attraction working.

I began to doubt that traditional schooling was best not long after my children started school. I was a different person back then, I lacked the confidence to go against the ‘normal’ way of life, so it was quite a few years before I took the plunge and took two of my children out of school (the oldest had already left). My son was 15 and already working part-time as a butcher, as he was not at all interested in doing anything else, he went full-time (he was also attending college as part of his training). My youngest daughter was almost 13, so we did some home study together, but her passion soon began to develop with horses. It wasn’t long before she was working part-time at a local stable and enjoying the freedom to be able to do her own thing. She became a happy, confident teenager who mixed easily with all ages and enjoyed herself with the simple things in life such as taking her dogs for long walks around the local countryside. My daughter is now in her late twenties and a mother of three, she knows that her life would have been very different if she’d stayed at school and has no regrets about leaving. Her two oldest children (the youngest was born in February this year) are home educated and are encouraged to learn about the things that they are interested in, as she believes this is the most effective way.

My son also believes strongly in home education as he, like me, believes that mainstream education is about children being controlled and trained to think and behave in limiting ways. But we both think that it is only a matter of time before more people Awaken to this truth and things will begin to change.

Children learn what they live, they pick up on the thoughts and feelings of the people that surround them, so it’s important that they are spending the majority of their time with positive people.

When enough people learn about, and apply the Law of Attraction principles in their lives, they will begin to change how they perceive nurturing children. They will want their children to have fun and enjoy every moment of their day, learning through their own inspiration, creativity and enthusiasm. They will no longer be willing to subject their precious offspring to any person who just happens to be working at the local school, or think it is wise to let children spend the majority of each day with the influence of other impressionable souls, just because they are the same age. More and more parents will stop using mainstream education until a positive, joyful alternative is available.

What better start in life could there be than to have the ability to easily see the love, beauty and good that surrounds you, whether it’s the environment you’re in, people you are with, situations being faced or just self-talk. Also, to know that you are a Powerful Being who creates your own world with your thoughts. and that you will bring to yourself whatever you are predominantly focused upon. This is the most effective way to change our world, just imagine what a generation of children growing up with this attitude could do and become!

The photograph is of my grandaughter Lucy on one of our nature walks, she stopped to draw the lake that we were walking alongside. Letting children follow their own path of learning is what home education is all about.

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