There Is No Love Like That Of A Mother

mother and newborn with quote

18th September 2011

There Is No Love Like That Of
A Mother For Her Child

Obviously, I can only speak from my own experience, but I believe that a mother’s love is the most simple, easy, but strongest of loves. For me it is the best example of unconditional love, as no matter what my children (or grandchildren) do, I will always love them. I may not like what they do and sometimes it is difficult to ‘watch’ and not try to control what they do, but my love for them is steadfast and eternal.

The photograph is of my oldest daughter (Julie) with her first daughter (Sophie). Julie looked forward to becoming a mother from quite a young age, but her brother and sister became parents before she did. Julie doted on her nieces and nephew, but of course there’s nothing like having your own children. I was so happy for her when in 2007 she gave birth to her first child and could experience the absolute joy of being a mother. She now has two beautiful daughters,the second Amy, was born in 2010.

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