There Is Only One Corner Of The Universe You Can Be Certain Of Improving

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13th May 2012

There Is Only One Corner Of The Universe
You Can Be Certain Of Improving
And That's Your Own Self
Aldous Huxley

Years ago I used to think that my life would be better if only a certain person would change, if only they'd do this or stop doing that, then I would be happier. Then I came across the notion that you can't change anyone else, only yourself. This made sense but how could changing what I do make someone else do what I wanted them to do. It wasn't until about a year ago when I began to really understand the teachings of Abraham Hicks and I could finally saw the bigger picture.

We are all Spiritual Beings who by our thoughts and feelings constantly send out vibrational energy, that although we cannot see it, is creative energy which is also picked up by those around us. The Law of Attraction brings back to us whatever type of energy we are sending out, so if we are radiating love, harmony and balance, that is what we will draw into our lives.

If we make it our priority to feel good, no matter what is going on around us, then the energy that we are transmitting can only bring back to us things that make us feel good. We are generally taught as a society that to put our own well-being first is selfish, but this has been deliberate to stop us from knowing (and then using) our own Power. We have been manipulated to think that we live in a limited world that we have no control over and that the world is full of people who want to hurt us. But there is only the simple truth that:

Whatever We Focus On... We Create

So, by getting stressed that nothing is going right, thinking about lack of money to pay the bills, arguing with your partner because they don't understand you, shouting at the children because they are doing something wrong, watching the mainstream news, listening to gossip, looking in the mirror and finding fault... all of these things (and of course many more) will bring you more of the same (negativity) into your life.

But if, instead of getting stressed you realize that you need to change your thoughts to change the way you feel. Instead of worrying about paying the bills, think of all the times you have succeeded in paying bills and open your mind to the possibilities that money can come to you from many different sources. If you feel your partner doesn't understand you, think about how you understand your partner, focus on some of the good times you have had together, or the little things that you love about them. If your children are doing something wrong, remember that we learn from our mistakes, obviously it depends how 'wrong' the situation is but whatever is happening LOVE is the answer. Don't watch or listen to mainstream news, it is only focusing on negative stories. If you want to become more positive you need to stop 'seeing' the world as a bad place, it is a beautiful world, full of amazing, loving people who help each other. For every negative, sad story that is reported on the news there are thousands (probably millions) of positive, happy stories going on all around us that we are not brought to our attention. Don't listen to idle gossip, it's usually negative. When you look in the mirror and start to find fault, instead find something that you like about yourself, anything.. it doesn't matter how small and SMILE... tell yourself that you are an amazingly, creative Being who is constantly changing and where you are now is just fine because the Positive Energy Power that you can create in your life has the ability to change ANYTHING.

No matter what it is that you would like to change in your life, there is only one way to do it and that is to change your thoughts and feelings. It's actually very simple (when you know how) to know if you are 'on the right track' to getting what you would like, we actually have our own individual indicators to guide us in the right direction... our Emotions. If you feel any positive emotion about whatever you are thinking about, that is your indicator that you are heading in the right direction to receiving your desires. If you feel any negative emotion, you need to stop those thoughts and think of something that makes you feel better about whatever it is.

By changing our own thoughts... we can change the world!

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