A Mothers Love Is Like A Circle

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30th August 2011

A Mothers Love Is Like A Circle…
It Has No Beginning And No Ending

This photograph is of my father (William) and his mother (Evelyn) taken about 1940. My father was the first child and was born with club feet. His parents were told that this would affect him all his life and that he would never be able to play sports. He was given a new treatment at that time and spent most of his younger years in plaster casts. He also got meningitis as a toddler and spent many months in hospital recovering. William was to prove the doctors wrong as is wasn’t long before he developed a love a many different sports, spending all of his spare time as a child and young man playing football, rugby, rowing & cricket.

Now in his 70’s, my dad still enjoys an active life, now enjoying his time with golf and swimming. If it wasn’t for the love, nurturing, strength and support of his mother during those important early years, things might have been very different.

I was blessed with having both parents being brought up by wonderful mothers and so life continues down the generations and my mother taught me through example to love and support your children unconditionally. For me, being a mother has been the greatest experience and joy of my life, so loving my children (and grandchildren) unconditionally is so easy.

When I began writing this I was thinking that although I agree that a mothers love has no end, as not even death ends the love, it begins with becoming a mother the first time. But now though, I am thinking that there is no ‘beginning’ because (as long as you are blessed with a loving mother, whether natural or adopted etc..) the motherly love goes back (and forward) through the generations.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

  21st January 2018    

I am going through all of my earlier blog entries to check and update them as they are all continuing to be viewed. I will not change my earlier writings, I am just checking for errors and adding more to each in some way or other. 

My father, now in his 80’s, is still leading an active life, although he has given up playing golf, he still swims 50 lengths of his local pool three times a week.

I wrote the following poem for my mum to give her on Mother’s Day 2015.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Thank You 

Thank you for your Mothering, right from the very start
You nurtured our family, consistently working from your heart

Thank you for Leading me to become an intuitive mother
Using my inner guidance not just the advice of any other

Thank you for All the little things you have ever said and done
That have made my life so happy, full of delight and lots of fun

Thank you for your Presence, I know at all times you will be there
Whenever I need you, it’s heart-warming to know you always care

Thank you for your Guidance all through the many years
Your love and support has helped me wipe away the countless tears

Thank you for your Honesty you always taught me right from wrong
By your example I learned, and now live with integrity my whole life long

Thank you for your Morality although nothing much was said
I grew up choosing to truly be in love, before I share my bed

Thank you for your Positive Attitude, it’s truth has helped me see
I reap what I sow in life, my thoughts guide who I will be

Thank you for your Happiness, always showing me a smile
Even when clouds are present, you know they will only last awhile

Thank you for Teaching me life’s challenges are often like a test
I’ve learned from your example, to always strive to do my best

Thank you for your Wisdom, when things all get too much
You say, “Hand it over to God” to feel His guiding touch

Thank you for your Love, given to me unconditionally
Someone who consistently radiates that love is who I yearn to be

Thank you for your Knowledge, you may not think I’ve gained this from you
But degrees can’t teach the highest lessons, the most important is love, is so true

Thank you for Faith in the presence of God above
It’s been a guiding light for me, knowing of this love

Thank you for your Spiritual Essence, it’s helped me find my way
You taught me to seek my own path, I live it each and every day

Thank you for your Example to live a life of simple things
The joy of family and peace of nature, gives our spirit wings

Thank you for Providing a sanctuary of home, a feathered nest
Where all through the years I’ve been welcomed to return to for a rest

Thank you for your Life, though one day physically we will part
But I know we are eternally joined, by the love we share in our heart

Thank you for your Blessings that I know are always with me
I bless you and know our love unites us, forevermore into infinity
Trina Graves

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