The Only Thing Worth Stealing
Is A Kiss From A Sleeping Child

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28th August 2011

The Only Thing Worth Stealing Is...
A Kiss From A Sleeping Child

Joe Houldsworth

Sleeping children are so angelic, there is something so pure and simple that pulls at your heartstrings when you gaze at a young child or baby that is sleeping.

This photograph was taken in November 2004 and is of my grandaughter Lucy on her second birthday, we (her mother, baby brother, aunt and myself) had gone out for the day to a play centre and then to visit my parents, this was taken at some point during the day when she had fallen asleep in the car. She was so full of energy and excitement with it being her birthday and then so peaceful when she fell asleep.

I am very lucky, in that I have spent a lot of time with my grandchildren as they have grown up, it is wonderful to be able to watch them grow (so quickly it seems) and explore their world around them. I think that being a grandparent is a real blessing as you are able to share so much of the love and joy that children bring, but you don't have the great responsibility of being their parent. Also, having already experienced the ups and downs of bringing up your own children, you can appreciate so much more of the simple little things that young children do and say.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

 17th January 2018    

I am going through all of my earlier blog entries to check and update them as they are all continuing to be viewed. I will not change my earlier writings, I am just checking for errors and adding more to each in some way or other. This was the third blog entry.

My, how the years fly! Lucy is now fifteen and towers over her mother, when I wrote the above she had a baby brother and now she has three. Tyler, the youngest, has a special bond with her, if mum's busy he will always turn to Lucy for a cuddle.

This picture was on Lucy's 12th birthday in 2014.

A mother is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take - Spiritual Quotes To Live ByEmma, Seth, Lucy, Tyler, Joey (2014)

This next one is of another granddaughter, Amy, who was born in 2010. The quote is from one of my poems, 'While We Are Sleeping' which is underneath. 

While they are sleeping, babies bask in spirituality, new to physical restrictions, their Souls requisite to be free - Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live ByAmy (2010)
Spiritual Quotes To Live By

While We Are Sleeping

While we are sleeping
We let go of physicality
To experience our true form
Of Spirit, unlimited and free

We can go anywhere at all
With no limits of time or space
Explore our magnificent Universe
Or our past-lives we can re-trace

While we are sleeping
The concept of time disappears
Losing all of its boundaries
Only to the physical it adheres
After closing our eyes to sleep
It seems only minutes have gone by
When many hours later we awaken
And adapt to times apparent lie

While we are sleeping
The door is open wide
To step through and appreciate
The world on the other side
Our Spirit leaves our body
Resting peacefully in our bed
We’re attached by a silver cord
It only breaks when we are dead

While we are sleeping
Our true self guides the way
We regain our pure perspective
And digest the current day
Although plentiful things transpire
Remembering only happens to a few
But just because we have forgotten
Doesn’t mean it isn’t true

While they are sleeping
Those nearing their life’s end
Are making preparations
To more easily comprehend
The letting go of this world
And moving on to better things
They are more likely to remember
The messages ‘sleeping’ brings

While we are sleeping
We can visit those we love
Here, or those departed
Transitioned to the Above
Sometimes we can recall
A ‘dream’ of those who’ve died
Our love unites us forever
Meeting eases tears we’ve cried

While we are sleeping
Some give assistance in many ways
Helping others make their transition
At the ending of their days
Or being with someone who’s down
Needing an uplifting smile that’s all
We are all linked together
Supporting each other forevermore

While they are sleeping
Babies bask in Spirituality
New to physical restrictions
Their Souls requisite to be free
Growing so fast requires sleep
As their minds and bodies change
Over years time works its wonders
And sleeping patterns rearrange

While we are sleeping
Our body’s cells all adjust
Unhindered by limiting thoughts
It’s why sleeping is a must
Our bodies can miraculously heal
And sleep plays a crucial part
In recovery from disease or wounds
To mind, body and emotional heart

While we are sleeping
We connect to our Higher-Self
And can take the opportunity
To assess our abundant wealth
In the multiple aspects of life
Our goal is to constantly do our best
Our Higher-Self knows the plan
Enlightening us when we’re at rest

While we are sleeping
Our Guides are always there
To support and give assistance
Because they truly care
They chose to be with us
For our life here on this Earth
Always giving loving guidance
Before and since our birth

While we are sleeping
Heavenly Angels gather around
Pure, Divine Beings of Light
To us mortals they are bound
Giving constant unconditional love
Helping us reach our goals
So, while we are sleeping
Angels have conversations with our Souls

Quote title: Unknown Author
poem by: Trina Graves

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