The Only Thing Worth Stealing
Is A Kiss From A Sleeping Child

sleeping child with quote

28th August 2011

The Only Thing Worth Stealing Is...
A Kiss From A Sleeping Child

Joe Houldsworth

Sleeping children are so angelic, there is something so pure and simple that pulls at your heartstrings when you gaze at a young child or baby that is sleeping.

This photograph was taken in November 2004 and is of my grandaughter Lucy on her second birthday, we (her mother, baby brother, aunt and myself) had gone out for the day to a play centre and then to visit my parents and this was taken at some point during the day when she had fallen asleep in the car. She was so full of energy and excitement with it being her birthday and then so peaceful when she fell asleep.

I am very lucky in that I have spent a lot of time with my grandchildren as they have grown up, it is wonderful to be able to watch them grow (so quickly it seems) and explore their world around them. I think that being a grandparent is a real blessing as you are able to share so much of the love and joy that children bring, but you don't have the great responsibilty of being their parent. Also, having already experienced the ups and downs of bringing up your own children, you can appreciate so much more of the simple little things that young children do and say.

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