It Is Never Too Late To Be What We Might Have Been

31st August 2011

It Is Never Too Late
To Be What We Might Have Been

We are all born with the potential and ability to be, do or have anything that we desire. But for most of us, life experience doesn’t ‘show’ us this possibility. We grow up accepting the limitations that surround us and follow the pattern set by our ancestors. For example, you have to go to school to learn, you have to go to work to have money, you have to follow rules, regulations and laws set by others, you have to do what ‘authoritative’ people (doctors, religious leaders etc..) tell you as they ‘know best’. But, WE are the creators of our lives, at any time we can break free from all the restraints life has shown us and begin to live a new life, following our instincts, our own inner guidance and be the true Spiritual Being that we came here to become.

There is a change happening in our world, more and more people everyday are Awakening and beginning to feel different about their lives and the world around us. Many people are having ‘spiritual experiences’ and are realizing we are first and foremost Spiritual Beings. Many people are becoming restless with the way things are around the world and are finding out that the masses are controlled and manipulated by the few.

This is a great video of many different people (famous and not) talking about their Awakening.

It is never too late to be your true self… a Spiritual Being of Love.

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