Teach Only Love – Inspirational Poem

Cowley Workers children (1940’s)

29th July 2018

This year is flying by so fast, but I was surprised that I have not added (or written) a quote poem since January! I have been busy with adding thousands of quotes to this site – along with many new pages and photo-quotes. I have written other poems (and added them to various pages) but not using a quote as the title and theme. So, the other day (24th) I wrote three! This was the first.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Teach Only Love
Quote Title: A Course In Miracles
Trina Graves

Teach Only Love
To those closest to you
Family is a learning core
Of bringing love through

Teach Only Love
To friends both far and near
Love is the strongest connection
Give it to all, who you hold dear

Teach Only Love
To all the children you meet
The future of our world
Lies always at their feet

Teach Only Love
To each stranger passing by
Just a friendly greeting and smile
Can uplift a spirit so high

Teach Only Love
To all your colleagues at work
Kindness will soothe and ease
Even those who seem to irk

Teach Only Love
To all those who’ve done wrong
Forgiveness and compassion
Will guide their steps along

Teach Only Love
To all animals of land, sea and air
No matter what the type
Creatures of God deserve your care

Teach Only Love
To trees, plants and flowers
Nurturing nature enhances life
Bringing many blessing showers

Teach Only Love
To all landscapes of planet Earth
Appreciate all the aspects
And know its true worth

Teach Only Love
In your ideas of cosmic life
One day we will all meet
And it is love we want, not strife

Teach Only Love
For the law of attraction will bring
Your thoughts and beliefs to manifest
Creating your world and everything

Teach Only Love
It is by example you go far
In teaching the love of God
For that is truly what you are

Trina Graves – 24th July 2018

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