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This is the link page for my Blog 2018 entries, other years (2011 onwards) are at the bottom of the page. For my blog I write about the photo-quotes that I make up for this site and my Spiritual Quotes To Live By on Facebook page. I used to write about each quote or picture, but now I write inspirational poems using the quotes as titles and themes.

You can read the full text for each by selecting the quote or the picture.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

October 2018   

2nd October 2018

Eileen Caddy quote: Be at peace and see a clear pattern and plan running through your lives, nothing is by chance - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Nothing Is By Chance

Quote: Eileen Caddy
Poem: Trina Graves

Why do the ‘bad’ things happen
Causing shedding of many tears?
Atrocities, neglect, futile wars
Still going on throughout the years

Why are innocent little babies born
With problems right at the very start?
Or ‘lost’ even before the first breath
Breaking open their parents heart

Why do some people have to struggle
Through a life of torment and dread?
For them nothing ever seems to go right
Poverty and debt looms over many a head...

1st October 2018

Trina Graves quote: When faced with a decision, not knowing which way to go. Choices lay before you, confusion blocks your flow. Worrying about the wrong one... - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

What Would Love Do Now?

Quote: Neale Donald Walsch
Poem: Trina Graves

When faced with a decision
Not knowing which way to go
Choices lay before you
Confusion blocks your flow
Worrying about the wrong one
Puts a frown upon your brow
Just ask yourself the question
What Would Love Do Now?

All experiences are beneficial
Even the bad ones play a part
They can break down the barriers
To open up your heart
No matter what the problem
You can get through it somehow
By asking yourself the question
What Would Love Do Now?...

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

August 2018   

1st August 2018

Carl Jung quote: I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become. - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

I Am Not What Happened To Me

Quote: Carl Jung
Poem: Trina Graves

We all love to hear the stories
Of those whose start in life
Is full of negative experiences
Neglect, death, worry and strife
Of course, that’s not the part we love
Compassion for them fills our heart
It’s how they have risen to achieve
In their life, with such a bad start

Why is it that some with no home
Or parents to support them with love
Grow up escalating their negative world
Life for them is all push and shove
But others with just the same life
Will seek to develop a family
Becoming a parent they shine so bright
Radiating so much love, we all can see

Disease and death can come at any time
We have no defence to make it stop
For those who lose a baby or child
Devastation will make their heart drop
Why do some never surmount their loss
Maybe taking to addictions to fill the gap
Others, though never letting go of the love
Will see growth and experience unwrap...

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

July 2018   

30th July 2018

A Course In Miracles quote: You Are The Light Of The World - used as title and theme of inspirational poem by Trina Graves of Spiritual Quotes To Live By

You Are The Light Of The World

Quote: A Course In Miracles
Poem: Trina Graves

We are all born shining bright
Oozing our pure Divinity Light
Babies are a source of loving joy
Each and every new girl and boy

As the years pass the Light within dims
But remains steadfast, illumined within
Waiting for intuition to take a hold
Not just doing as we’ve been told

Once we set on our true life-path
There’s more to life, we love and laugh
Knowing Source will guide our way
Our Light grows stronger day-by-day...

29th July 2018

Trina Graves quote: Teach only love to all the children you meet, the future of our world lives always at their feet. - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Teach Only Love

Quote: A Course In Miracles
Poem: Trina Graves

Teach Only Love
To those closest to you
Family is a learning core
Of bringing love through

Teach Only Love
To friends both far and near
Love is the strongest connection
Give it to all, who you hold dear

Teach Only Love
To all the children you meet
The future of our world
Lies always at their feet...

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

January 2018   

12th January 2018

Oscar Wilde quote 'The best way to make children good is to make them happy' Spiritual Quotes To Live By

The Best Way To
Make Children Good
Is To Make Them Happy

Quote: Oscar Wilde
Poem: Trina Graves

Making children do anything
Will not achieve your true goal
They are unique human beings
With their own guiding Soul

They will submit to all your rules
As you teach, shape and mold
Bending to your whims
Mostly doing as they are told

But deep within they know
They have a true guiding light
Smothered by fitting in
It flickers. waiting out of sight...

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