Happiness Is The Experience Of Enjoying Life

16th March 2012

Happiness Is The Experience Of Enjoying Life

I have always thought myself to be quite a happy person, but until I began to use the teachings of Abraham Hicks in my everyday life, I could very easily be affected by people around me. Also, I certainly didn’t ‘enjoy’ every day, but just plodded on through.

I now truly believe in the law of attraction as taught by Abraham Hicks, everyday I am made aware of how easily we all attract things to us. It can be something really simple such as with the writing of this blog entry today…

Just before starting this, I read the most recent quote from Abraham Hicks in my Facebook newsfeed, then opened the next photo for me to write about and found it fits perfectly with their quote:

If all you did was just look for things to appreciate you would live a joyous, spectacular life. If there was nothing else that you ever came to understand other than just look for things to appreciate, it’s the only tool you would ever need to predominantly hook you up with who you really are. That’s all you’d need. ~ Abraham Hicks

Looking for things to appreciate
is the key to being happy
and experiencing a life of joy.

I had always found it easy to appreciate babies and children, so that was where my life was focused, which is why I was happy most of the time, but I had no control over people and situations affecting my emotions. It has been a gradual process, I began by looking for things to appreciate in nature when I went for a walk, I found that the more you look for beauty, the more you find!

Starting to take the photographs for my website and Facebook page made me become much more aware of the abundance of miraculous beauty to be found everywhere in nature. Once you begin to see the pattern in – where you put your attention, you find more of – it becomes much easier to bring it into other areas of your life. Now if I am with people who are in a negative frame of mind it doesn’t affect me (most of the time… I’m still working on it!) I acknowledge to myself that ‘they’ are the ones creating their own negativity and I just think of something positive about them, if their attitude doesn’t change… I leave.

I now know that – Happiness is nothing to do with ’having’ anything, happiness is our natural state of Being when we are not resisting the ever constant flow of Source Energy.

Our thoughts about ANYTHING are the most important thing to creating a life that we desire, so I choose to focus my attention on love, happiness, joy, beauty, appreciation and gratitude for whatever comes my way.

The photograph: My oldest grandaughter (Jessica) has mostly lived with her mum during the week and stayed with her dad (and me) at weekends and holidays. When she was younger she loved to go for walks, as we lived in a village with some lovely walks. My younger daughter Emma was only 14 when her niece was born, so they spent a lot of time together at the weekends, going for walks and playing with Emma’s three dogs. This photo of Emma and Jessica was taken in 1999.

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