The World Is But A School Of Enquiry

The world is but a school of enquiry, quote on photograph
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22nd March 2012

The World Is But A School Of Enquiry
Michel de Montaigne

There is always something new to discover wherever we go. Our capacity for learning is unlimited and ageless, continuing throughout our entire lives.

This photograph was taken on a ‘nature walk’ with my daughter and her children who are home educated. I believe that home education is a brilliant way to encourage children to have a positive attitude towards continual life-long learning. By letting a child follow their own inquisitiveness and passions they easily develop independent study and grow into adults who can focus on achieving their own goals and not be so easily influenced by others around them. They are also more open to following their own inner guidance (intuition).

I believe that traditional schooling, rather than being about ‘educating,’ is much more about closing minds and conditioning future adults to think and behave in the same way, so that they are easily manipulated and controlled. But I do believe that this will change.

As time moves on, more and more people are becoming aware of the truth that we have been controlled and manipulated by a group of people for many generations. I will not go into it anymore than this here, because I believe in the Law of Attraction, so, even though I know this, I choose not to dwell on it and instead focus my attention on the changes that are happening NOW, and will continue to happen as we move towards 21st December 2012. I believe that as we come closer to that date, exponentially increasing numbers of people are Awakening to their True Selves… Spiritual Beings of Love, and after that date we will see a different world emerging… A World that is more Positive than negative, A World of Peace, Joy and Love… after all, that’s what I desire and came here for… what about You?

If you would like to find out more about how we, as a people, have been manipulated etc.. then take a look at Want To Know, which has a vast amount of articles on suppressed truths, that are documented with their sources. If this is new information to you then please bear in mind that Positivity is much more powerful than negativity and what you focus on you attract. If you begin to feel negative emotions about what you are discovering, take a break and do something that you enjoy, and when you go back to it remember that this is all in the past and we can create our own future.

By becoming aware of the limits that were placed on us, we can break free of our unseen shackles and come together to bring a new world into being.


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