Do What Makes You Happy

8th September 2011

Do What Makes You Happy ~ Be With Who Makes You Smile
Laugh As Much As You Breathe ~ And Love As Long As You Live.

Such simple words, but they are the path to living a life of joy. I use the Law of Attraction as taught by Abraham-Hicks to live a life of peace and joy. This simple quote just about covers it all.

Do what makes you happy – To get anything that you desire, to be in your life you have to be happy NOW, it’s no good thinking I’ll be happy when such and such happens or I’ll be happy when I have that one thing I’ve always wanted, because it will never happen! You have to be happy in this moment to attract to you all the good things that you have been wishing for. Obviously you can’t be in a constant state of happiness and joy, but you need to accept where you are and always look for better feeling thoughts.

Even before I ‘learned’ of the Law of Attraction’ my intuition would tell me not to continue doing things that I was not happy with, especially where work was concerned. I left quite a few jobs on the basis that I was not ‘happy’ there, knowing instinctively that things would work out okay. I’ve never regretted doing this and once I learned of the Law of Attraction, I realised why I felt so strongly not to continue doing something that didn’t feel right.

Be with who makes you smile – As much as possible, limit your time with negative people and spend as much time as you can with anyone who lifts your spirit and makes you laugh and smile.

My grandchildren are a constant source of joy to me. Just watching them playing and interacting with others makes me smile. And then there are those little moments that make your heart sing and lift you so high, such as once when I was meeting my daughter and grandaughters in town, I was walking towards them and Sophie, who was just about 3, saw me in the distance and ran towards me as fast as she could, arms outstretched, calling ‘Nanny’ and dived into my arms. That little moment was filled with such love and joy for both of us. These are the important moments of life…the treasured memories that continue to be a source of love and happiness…forever.

Laugh as much as you breathe – I do believe in the saying that Laughter is the greatest medicine, and if you are already following the two previous statements then you will already be laughing a lot. To laugh as much as you breathe does seem over the top, but I think that it’s a guide to always being in state of joy, being uplifted.

Usually at Christmas my brothers (I have three) their partners and I have a get-together at our parents home. We have a meal, chat and then play board games or cards etc… It is great fun and there is so much laughter, I often have aching cheeks from laughing so much!

And love as long as you live – Love is the most important thing in life, the love for our family and friends is easy to achieve, but it’s also so important to love ourselves (a lot of people find that difficult) and all others.

There is a quote from Alex Collier that I feel is so true:

The love that you withhold, is the pain that you carry, lifetime after lifetime.

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