Universal Law Of Attraction Quotes To Live By: G to J

Universal Law of Attraction quotes are useful guidance to help understand the natural law of attraction to achieve an abundance of love, happiness, joy, health and wealth in your life. The quotes on this page are all from sources and authors with surnames beginning with G through to J. A – C     D – … Continue reading “Universal Law Of Attraction Quotes To Live By: G to J”

What Can You Do To Promote World Peace?

3rd February 2014 What Can You Do To Promote World Peace? Go Home And Love Your Family. Mother Teresa Photo:  With my brothers and parents in 1988.   No matter who we are or where we are on this planet, we all have the power to bring about world peace. But not by taking action … Continue reading “What Can You Do To Promote World Peace?”

Positive Breakup Quotes To Live By

These breakup quotes and verse are wise words about love, that can help to uplift anyone who is experiencing the breakdown of a relationship. Is someone you know going through the agony of a loved one leaving them? Sending them a card, letter or email, including one of these quotes can brighten their day, and … Continue reading “Positive Breakup Quotes To Live By”

Quotes About Life To Live By

These quotes about life are all uplifting, positive and inspirational words of wisdom on life. This page also links to many other pages covering different categories,  but whether you are looking for wise words for a craft project, encouraging quotes for a friend, or uplifting sayings on aspects of life, ALL of the entries are … Continue reading “Quotes About Life To Live By”

Human Beings Can Alter Their Lives

original picture/quote 13th December 2016 I have taken the quote of Human Beings can alter their lives, from William James and turned it into an inspirational poem about the law of attraction. The above photo was added to my Facebook Page in October 2010. The poem was written two days ago. Human Beings Can Alter Their Lives … Continue reading “Human Beings Can Alter Their Lives”

Spiritual Verse For Children

This page of my spiritual verse for children is full of positive rhymes that will help to explain spiritual concepts to children of all ages.  The law of attraction, past lives, self healing, why we are here  etc… are all covered in fun way that children will easily remember. The idea of writing these spiritual … Continue reading “Spiritual Verse For Children”

As You Awaken To Your Divine Nature

as-you-awaken-blog51.html 1st February 2014 As You Awaken To Your Divine NatureYou’ll Begin To Appreciate Beauty In Everything You See, Touch And ExperienceWayne Dyer Several years ago I would never have taken a photo like this, I was blind to the simple wonders of the natural world. I could appreciate the beauty of the things that … Continue reading “As You Awaken To Your Divine Nature”

Friendship Quotes To Live By

Amy & Sophie These friendship quotes and verse are all positive words of inspiration, that are uplifting to read through and appreciate those special people in our lives, they could also be used to let your friends know just how much they mean to you. We all need friends to share life’s trials and joys, … Continue reading “Friendship Quotes To Live By”