Human Beings Can
Alter Their Lives

Human Beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind - William James - Spiritual Quotes To Live Byoriginal picture/quote

13th December 2016

I have taken the quote of Human Beings can alter their lives, from William James and turned it into an inspirational poem about the law of attraction.

The above photo was added to my Facebook Page in October 2010. The poem was written two days ago.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Human Beings Can Alter
Their Lives By Altering
Their Attitudes Of Mind

Quote Title: William James
Poem: Trina Graves

If there is anything in your life
That you would like to change
What is going on in your mind
Is what you need to re-arrange

For it is the thoughts you think
That always creates your reality
Bound with powerful emotions
You attract everything you see

Continued thoughts become beliefs
The attraction will speed up fast
What you believe is true for you
Will manifest as if a spell is cast

Your thoughts, beliefs and emotions
Consistently shape the life you live
So there’s an aspect to consider
Are they positive or negative?

To work out which is the one
Isn’t always simple to decide
So does it feel good to you?
Your emotions are your guide

Everyone has negative thoughts
But the key is not to linger there
Use them as helpful stepping stones
Along your path to become Aware

By focusing on your thoughts
And realising some are negative
Lets you know what you don’t want
So you can find a better alternative

To change those negative thoughts
When faced with trouble and pain
Find a thought that feels a little better
It’s an easy way to relieve the strain

If you can continue to always look
For the thought that feels better to you
Your vibration will incessantly rise higher
Lifting you up and getting you through

Keeping positive as much as possible
Helps you to feel good every day
You then radiate your beneficial energy
To everyone, in what you do and say

You’ll attract all the good things in life
Love, beauty, wisdom and happiness
Appreciating simple wonders each day
You will feel so Heavenly Blessed

Your thoughts, beliefs and emotions
Are the devices with which you create
And to bring an abundance of the joys
You need to give thanks and appreciate

Whatever you experience in this life
Your attitude is one of these aspects
Positive or negative, train of thought
From your mind, your world reflects
Trina Graves (Dec. 2016)

William James quote

Other pictures for this quote. The one below can be played as an online jigsaw puzzle where the number and shape of the pieces cam be altered.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

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