Abraham-Hicks Quotes About Life To Live By

These Abraham-Hicks quotes about life are all wonderful words of wisdom for guidance to achieve a life of joy, peace and love. Esther and Jerry Hicks have been working with Abraham (a Collective Consciousness) since the 1980’s, bringing much needed knowledge on the simplicity of living a life of joy to bring everything that you … Continue reading “Abraham-Hicks Quotes About Life To Live By”

Positive Encouragement Quotes To Live By

Encouragement quotes are great for getting yourself and others motivated. Everyone needs encouragement especially when tackling something difficult, physically or emotionally. I think words of encouragement are extremely important for children to hear in their everyday life so they can absorb these constant reminders to add to their ‘self-talk’, building an inner vocabulary of confidence … Continue reading “Positive Encouragement Quotes To Live By”

Universal Law Of Attraction Quotes To Live By

Jeff Brown universal Law of Attraction quote Universal Law of Attraction quotes are useful guidance to help understand the natural Law of Attraction to achieve an abundance of Love, Happiness, Joy, good Health and Wealth in your life. In the late 90’s I began to read books that would talk about the fact that we … Continue reading “Universal Law Of Attraction Quotes To Live By”