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These are the blog posts for 2014. As you will see there are only two entries, I had aimed to add many more, but I just don't know where the year went! At first my lack of blogging was due to not having the inspiration to write, then in May one of my daughters went into premature labour and I spent a few months helping out as much as I could. The rest of the year just seemed to fly by and I just never got around to it!

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February 2014

1st February 2014 Blog

As You Awaken To Your Divine Nature
Wayne Dyer

As you Awaken - Blog

Several years ago I would never have taken a photo like this, I was blind to the simple wonders of the natural world. I could appreciate the beauty of the things that most people would, a well kept garden, a bunch of flowers etc.. but I didn't even notice the majority of nature's beauty.  I have written before about how when I started my Spiritual Quotes To Live By website, and began to take nature photographs to put quotes on, my appreciation for even the simplest of things in nature grew.  (So I won't repeat that here!)

With the ever increasing popularity and ease of internet access it is now so much easier to have access to positive, inspirational materials of all kinds because it is not filtered through main stream media.  As you awaken to your Divine nature you also begin to change your views on life and the importance of things that you previously just accepted as normal.

Many years ago I used to feel uninformed if I didn't read the newspaper every day and watch the news, but once I began to understand the Law of Attraction I gave them both up (along with watching soaps) and as time has passed I have filtered even more negative inputs into my life. I used to enjoy...

3rd February 2014 Blog

What Can You Do To Promote World Peace?
Go Home And Love Your Family.

Mother Teresa

What can you do? - Blog

No matter who we are or where we are on this planet, we all have the power to bring about world peace. But not by taking action in the way that many might think.

If someone feels strongly about world peace they might spend a great deal of time focused on all the troubles in the world. They also might join up with other like-minded people on social networking sites or in person, working together and taking action to protest about the wrongs in the world. Many people would think that is the best way to bring peace into our world. But, although their overall intention is good, by putting their focus on what is wrong with the world and talking to others about all the ways in which the world is not at peace, they are feeling the lack of peace and acknowledging that the world is not at peace, so that is what they are creating and experiencing.  

The Law of Attraction teaches that whatever you think about, focus on and feel strongly about, is what you will create in your life. It is by BEING what we desire that we create it.

Mother Teresa's quote is an example of what we can all easily do to promote world peace - those who lack family members can apply the same principle to friends.

By beginning the answer with 'Go Home' she tells us that...

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