Living One Vibrational Energy – Inspirational Acrostic Poem

15th August 2019

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Living One Vibrational Energy
Quote Title: Unknown
Trina Graves

   Living in our world of duality
   One way or the other we go
   Vibrational Beings in reality
   Energy is all about the flow

   Love is really all there is
   Only we can block its presence
   Variety from being given freewill
   Eternally we have God’s essence

   Learning to Love unconditionally
   Open-hearted to everyone
   Valiantly expressing our truth
   Ever conscious we are all One

   Light is another face of Love
   Omnipresent, God does shine
   Vastly stronger than the dark
   Enlightening your heart and mine

   Life will continually expand
   Onwards through eternity we’ll create
   Visible forms of the All-That-Is
   Enjoying life is our truest fate

Trina Graves – 7th April 2019

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

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