The Amen Of Nature Is Always A Flower

The Amen of nature is always a flower, quote on photo of pink cosmos flowers

31st January 2015

The Amen Of Nature Is Always A Flower
Oliver Wendell Holmes

My favourite time of year is just around the corner… Spring. After the long, cold, dark winter months, the daylight hours slowly increase. Shoots and buds begin to form everywhere and the promise of warmer days ahead lingers in the air.

Since a little girl I have always loved the blossoming trees of Spring time. The sheer abundance of perfect pure white flowers and beautiful shades of pink have never failed to catch my attention. It was to be many years until I finally became really interested in nature and now blossom is one of my favourite things to admire and photograph.

The first picture I used when starting my Facebook page of quotes was of the blossom I noticed alongside a small wood near my home. It was the first time I had really appreciated the beauty of blossom and I spent a long time in awe and photographing it.

As the blossom develops and dies early in they yearly life cycle of a tree, I suppose the amen of nature might not be relevant if you think of the context of Amen being at the end. But these blossoms signal the presence of fruit to come, their simple abundance and beauty shows us that if we wait, there will be a more ‘fruitful’ crop to harvest. So Be It.

As for the millions of wonderous flowers that grace our gardens and elsewhere –  whether it is the carefully planted and nurtured prize rose, a wild self-seeded poppy growing along the roadside, or even a dandelion flower or thistle-head in a neglected area of weeds –  they all are examples of the magnificence of nature to create such beauty in an abundance of forms, aromas, colours and textures.

The Amen Of Nature Is Always A Flower

At the bus stop, passing time in my solitary thoughts
My gaze rested upon some nearby empty ground
There was nothing much at all to see, it seemed
Some grass, soil and stones were all my eyes found

Nothing changed over those cold winter months
As each week I waited patiently and surveyed
When rain fell soaking the earth, I noticed
Muddy puddles developed, where children played

As the days began to get a little longer
They became brighter and warmer too
I began to notice a change on the ground
Signs of life was starting to break through

The weeks went by as Spring finally arrived
Some days of rain, but mostly warm and bright
Various shades of green shoots covered the ground
Although different, united in seeking the light

Showers of petals from nearby blossoming trees
Cascaded upon me as I gazed at the ground
Gone now the blankness of winter past
Abundant foliage and flowering buds I found

I’ll never forget that summers day I arrived
My senses were blasted by the sheer power
Of an awesome scene of vibrant colour and beauty
The Amen Of Nature Is Always A Flower
Trina Graves

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