People Are Like Snowflakes

Girl sitting in snow

7th September 2011

People Are Like Snowflakes… Every One Is Special

We don’t get snow very often here in England, so when we get a good few inches the children (and adults) love to go out and play. The snowfall (above) started on 5th January 2010 at night so when the children woke in the morning they couldn’t wait to get outside to play. The photo is of my grandaughter Lucy.

No two snowflakes are exactly alike, just the same as no two people are completely identical (not even identical twins). I did wonder if this was really true about snowflakes so I Googled it and found this snowflake site that confirms it to be true and also has some beautiful photographs of snowflakes (and lots of information if your interested).

We are all unique individuals and everyone is special in their own way, I believe that everyone has goodness/godness within them but with a few it is buried really deep. I don’t believe that anyone is purely evil, we all do our best with our perceptions of life and someone with a very negative upbringing and life has a very clouded view, but those clouds can be blown away and the sun can shine in their lives if they are willing to be open to receiving it.

I also believe that this is a special time to be here on this planet, and that we all chose to be here for the Awakening that is happening RIGHT NOW. I have mentioned this before (and I expect it will come up again) that each day there are more and more people finding out that there is more to this life than what we have been led to believe for hundreds of years. More and more people are learning of the Law of Attraction and of how we are Energy Beings who create our own reality.

I thought that this Timeline Of Awakening video was quite interesting because I found my way through some of the things mentioned (The Secret, Zeitgeist)

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