You Create Your Thoughts

You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions and your intentions create your reality - Wayne Dyer - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Spiritual Quotes To Live By

31st July 2016

You Create Your Thoughts
Your Thoughts Create Your Intentions
And Your Intentions Create Your Reality
Wayne Dyer

You Create Your Thoughts

Our thoughts are always being ‘thought,’ unless we learn through meditation to quieten our incessant thoughts, our minds are constantly giving us thoughts.

The vast majority of these thoughts are habitual; they are the same old thoughts that we began to think when we were children, and unless we reflect on them and do some inner-work on changing them, they will remain in our sub-conscious and persistently dominate our lives. 

Be Love, Seek Joy - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Children or babies learn to mimic the vibration
of the adults who surround them
long before they learn to mimic their words.

Being a grandmother has a wonderful advantage in seeing how little children reflect their parents and siblings. I am amazed at how my grandchildren are little carbon copies of those around them, it’s so easy to see; in their mannerisms, actions and speech, so it seems obvious to me that their thoughts are being copied too.

We all know babies and young children learn to do everything through imitation. The first milestone in every baby’s life that we teach, anticipate and look out for is the first smile. Once we are rewarded with this delight we know that our baby is responding to us and we continually teach all our ways of being human to our precious little ones. But what many people do not realise is that babies and children are learning more from how we are with them and how we react to all the diverse experiences that they are witness to, than anything we tell them or teach them.

Children learn more from what you are, than what you teach - W.W.B. Du Bois - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

In recent years scientists (such as biologist Bruce H. Lipton PhD) have been teaching that for the first six years of life, children’s brains are in a constant ‘hypnotic’ state, in that they take in everything with their senses (along with the vibrational energy that surrounds them) and soak it straight into their sub-conscious, without any filtering as to what is true, as they do not have the ability to do so. It’s not until they are about seven years old that the analytical brain can filter the constant stream of information they receive, each moment, through what they are experiencing in their lives and the lives of those around them.  And how they will filter it depends all of the ‘programming’ of their sub-conscious from those crucial early years.

Scientists have also discovered that; beliefs, attitudes and behaviours act like a virus being implanted in the mind. These learned patterns are called memes and are virus-like in the way they spread throughout our families, friends, the school system, our ethnic culture, any religious or spiritual training and what we experience through television, movies, reading, social media, surfing the web, advertising etc.. These memes do not just ‘infect’ children, but everyone.  

Our life is what our thoughts make it
Marcus Aurelius

So, our most dominating,  sub-conscious thoughts were created when we were babies and young children. Whatever we: heard, saw, felt, and experienced, went straight into our sub-conscious minds and became our core thoughts and beliefs. As we grew and ventured out into the big world, we continued to pick up memes of thoughts, attitudes, ideas, and patterns of behaviour and would filter them through our core beliefs to decide if they were true for us or not.

Habits rule the unreflecting herd
(William Wordsworth)

If we never give thought to our thoughts; contemplating, analysing and realising the power and control they have over our lives, then we drift along with whatever is dominating our daily lives. We become puppets on a string to the society we live in. In today’s world the strings are gripped tightly by the media in all its forms: television, movies, magazines, gaming, advertising and of course social media. How much of our lives are taken up with these will influence how good a memetic media-puppet we become.  

What goes into my mind, comes out in my life - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Once you become aware of how much these seemingly harmless, but incessantly negative memes can infiltrate and control your life, you can start to do something about it.

This quote in the picture above I adapted from the saying ‘What goes into the mind, comes out in the life.’ I think this is an extremely important affirmation to remember and makes an excellent ‘wording sticker’ to be placed on televisions, computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones as a reminder to remain aware of what we ‘feed’ our minds.

Be Love, Seek Joy - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

On my own path of Awareness, one of my earliest conscious decisions was to stop watching horror movies and programmes. It just seemed so obvious not to fill my mind with thoughts of being scared and frightened.  I never really liked them anyway, so it was an easy choice to make.

Also, in my early adult years I would buy a daily newspaper and watch the news (as my parents did) believing that I was out-of-touch with the world if I didn’t do this. In fact I even bought the same newspaper, but after a while I changed to a different one as I didn’t like the overly sexualised angle that dominated the one I had grown up with. I was much happier with the new one I had chosen and considered myself well-informed by reading it daily! It was quite a few years later when I began to explore positive thinking that I began to realise how negative newspapers were and eventually stopped buying them. I did find it difficult at first as it was a daily meme-habit to break.

I’m not sure which ended first, newspaper reading or TV news watching, but I know the pivotal moment that was to end my news watching: I was shocked and horrified that they had filmed and shown (close up) someone actually being killed by a shot to the head, I couldn’t believe that this was actually being shown on the news. From that moment I chose not to watch very often and as I began to realise how extremely negative and sensationalising the news is, I stopped completely.

You Create Your Reality

As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a single pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.
Henry David Thoreau

Fuelled by the knowledge that I create my reality from what goes into my mind, there were other steps I have taken on my path to a happier life; whether through my conscious awareness and decision to change, or just through a gradual process of changing my beliefs and perceptions…

I stopped reading women’s magazines, as they are focused on trivialities, celebrities, dramatic lives and add to the society’s incessant meme of how women should look and behave.

I used to enjoy reading thrillers, but now my reading material is almost totally self-development and spiritual based. I do read the occasional novel, but I am very selective on the choice.

I stopped watching all forms of violence, I don’t watch anything with a lot of violence in it, and if there is something I enjoy that I know will have a few violent scenes, I will close my eyes on the violent parts, as I do not wish to embed any pictures of violence in my mind.

I stopped watching soaps. I used to enjoy a few of the soaps on British TV, Eastenders was among my favourites, but even in it’s early days I would think it was silly in certain ways that it portrayed supposedly everyday life; no one had a washing machine and used the launderette, everyone went to the local pub etc.. But, the main reasons I stopped watching was because I became aware that they were portraying that everyone’s life is so ‘high drama’, moments of happiness were few and far between and never long lasting, something would ALWAYS go wrong!  I also didn’t like the fact that they are shown at times that are deemed suitable for children. Knowing that you create your own reality, I believe they are totally unsuitable for impressionable children. Soaps are addictive memes of controlling behaviour, drawing us in to follow the lives of other ‘ordinary people,’ and making us feel as though we need to continue watching or we might miss something important. Many people spend hours of each day controlled by this limiting ‘programming,’ unaware that they are also programming their minds to believe in a high drama life.

One of my memes of learned behaviour from childhood was that in the evenings you watched TV, regardless of what was on. As the years and technology progressed, this included videos, then DVD’s and now there is streamed programming. It has been a gradual process by now I don’t watch any live TV and limit my viewing to mostly positive, uplifting films and documentaries with the occasional comedy show or film. But, quite a few years ago I began to turn off anything that I deemed unsuitable for ‘feeding’ my mind and I have noticed my tolerance is now very low for any negativity; things get switched off very quickly!

We Are Being Taken Over

While working on this page, I also wrote the following by using a quote with the teachings of Wayne Dyer and Bruce Lipton that I have used in this blog entry. You can also read it here.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

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