The Family Is A Link To Our Past – Inspirational Poem

In every conceivable manner the family is a link to our past and a bridge to our future - Alex Hayley - Spiritual Quotes To Live By22nd March 2008 – My parents with their descendants

22nd March 2017

Timing on this one was interesting, not having written a blog poem for almost a month, yesterday I sat to write the next one and discovered it was this picture with a quote from Alex Hayley. I shortened the quote slightly to make a better title.

Today is my parents 59th wedding anniversary. This photo was taken 9 years ago today, at their Golden Wedding Anniversary party. The family has grown even more since then, with 9 additional great-grandchildren plus one more, a special little Angel great-grandchild born very recently, but never quite made it into the physical realm.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

The Family Is A Link To Our Past
And A Bridge To Our Future
Poem: Trina Graves

The family is a link to our past
Building treasured memories to last
All through our whole life long
As the generations continue on

We are each born into a time
Being the next in our family line
Our parents very own offspring
To them, the future we will bring

Grandparents told us stories of old
Sometimes tales, bleak and cold
When getting by was truly tough
So we realise, we have enough

But they also loved to tell
Of times they remember, oh so well
With their siblings, mum and dad
And the simple happiness they had

Through the years our parents will
Tell us their history to instil
Their unique guidance, a way to live
Wanting all their help to give

Family togetherness through the years
Sharing all the joys and the tears
Births, deaths, parties, illness, weddings
All the diversity that human life brings

Our family history is a part
Of who we are deep in our heart
Our roots are firmly set in the ground
As we branch out in life all around

Either we agree or do not
With the guidance that we got
Both will set us on our way
Steering our life, day by day

Each family member is a link in a chain
That through our life will remain
An Affinity bracelet we all wear
Glistening gold from the love we share

Not all are blessed to cross over
The Bridge Of Parenthood, covered in clover
Gaining access to the future ahead
By their children, they will be lead

Stepping into this miraculous land
Changes forever our Affinity band
Now it contains a precious jewel
Sparking the Light in our heart to rule

The circle of life continues on
Our parents, to the ‘Grand’ now belong
Our tales are added to the stories told
To impressionable minds, setting paths to unfold

Time moves on, our jewels have grown
To live their truths, a life of their own
Guided by the way we lived each day
Their roots are strong, their links a ray

There is another bridge of pure Light
That brings a future of complete delight
Diamonds with platinum links in our chain
Grandchildren are a family’s ultimate gain

Trina Graves (March. 2017)

The family is a link to our past and a bridge to our future. Inspirational poem using quote from Alex Hayley as the title and theme - Poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

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