Live Today For Tomorrow It Will All Be History

23rd August 2011 Live Today For Tomorrow It Will All Be History Proverb Spring has always been my favourite time of year, I especially love the blossom on the trees and am amazed at the abundance of beauty that trees create as they begin their cycle of growth. This photo (8th May 2010) I took … Continue reading “Live Today For Tomorrow It Will All Be History”

Family Quotes To Live By

with my daughters and their children (2016) The family quotes on this page are all positive, inspirational words of love and wisdom from known sources that celebrate the joys of family life. Words from unknown origins are on the Family Sayings page. The other pages relevant to family are: Baby Quotes & Sayings – Children … Continue reading “Family Quotes To Live By”

Neale Donald Walsch Quotes To Live By

Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations With God series and many other books, began his communication with God in 1992. It was during a difficult time of his life when everything (personally, professionally and emotionally) was going wrong. He began to write an angry letter to God questioning Him on why nothing in his … Continue reading “Neale Donald Walsch Quotes To Live By”

Nature Quotes To Live By: S to Z

Sophie & Amy The nature quotes on this page are all from sources and authors surnames S through to Z. The other pages are:  A to E, F to L, and M to R. There is also a page of Sayings About Nature from unknown sources. Nature quotes are listed alphabetically on surname/source Nature Quotes:  S … Continue reading “Nature Quotes To Live By: S to Z”

Positive Encouragement Quotes To Live By

Encouragement quotes are great for getting yourself and others motivated. Everyone needs encouragement especially when tackling something difficult, physically or emotionally. I think words of encouragement are extremely important for children to hear in their everyday life so they can absorb these constant reminders to add to their ‘self-talk’, building an inner vocabulary of confidence … Continue reading “Positive Encouragement Quotes To Live By”

Abraham-Hicks Quotes About Life To Live By

These Abraham-Hicks quotes about life are all wonderful words of wisdom for guidance to achieve a life of joy, peace and love. Esther and Jerry Hicks have been working with Abraham (a Collective Consciousness) since the 1980’s, bringing much needed knowledge on the simplicity of living a life of joy to bring everything that you … Continue reading “Abraham-Hicks Quotes About Life To Live By”

Channelled Messages To Live By

Over the years I have read lots of channelled messages and I have found that, for me, they contain the greatest wisdom and understanding of life and spirituality. The channelled quotes on this page are all ABOUT channelling. Then there are the pages of Channelled Love Quotes and Channelled Law Of Attraction Quotes.  You can also find many … Continue reading “Channelled Messages To Live By”