Positive Sayings about Mothers

Julie & Amy These sayings about mothers are all positive words of love and wisdom about the many blessings of mothers and being a mother. There are also many more wonderful phrases and verse from known sources on the Quotes about Mothers page. Sayings about mothers are listed alphabetically  Sayings About Mothers:  A    A … Continue reading “Positive Sayings about Mothers”

Friendship Sayings

Illustrated by Sandra Reeves These positive and inspirational friendship sayings are all words of love and wisdom that are from unknown sources. For quotes from known people take a look at the Friendship Quotes page. The illustrations on this page are by my wonderful friend Sandra Reeves. Sandra is a friend that is always there for … Continue reading “Friendship Sayings”

Comforting Death Sayings To Live By

These comforting death sayings are all positive words to comfort and uplift anyone who is grieving. They are also words of wisdom showing us: Life is precious Appreciate, acknowledge love for the people in our lives We never know when anyone will make their transition Love is eternal All of the short sayings on this … Continue reading “Comforting Death Sayings To Live By”

Sayings About Education To Live By

Sophie These sayings about education are all inspirational words of wisdom about education, learning and reading from unknown sources. For more positive expressions from known sources there is the Educational Quotes page.  Education Sayings:  A    A book is a magic portal to another dimension. A book is like a garden carried in the pocket. … Continue reading “Sayings About Education To Live By”

Faith Sayings

These faith sayings are all words of wisdom from unknown sources. There is also a page of Faith Quotes from known source. Sayings are listed alphabetically  Faith Sayings:  A    Achieving starts with believing. All things are possible… to him who believes. Sayings About Faith:  F    Faith can move mountains. Faith gives us… An … Continue reading “Faith Sayings”

Positive Sayings About Aging To Live By

Doreen & William (2008) These sayings about aging are all from unknown sources, they are positive words of wisdom on getting older. It is so important to keep a positive attitude about getting older, it’s surprising now much we generally just accept all of the negative things that are ‘supposed’ to happen, just because of … Continue reading “Positive Sayings About Aging To Live By”

Romantic Sayings To Live By

These romantic sayings are all words of love from unknown sources.  The quotes from known sources that were previously on this page are now on the Romantic Love Quotes page Romantic sayings are listed alphabetically  Romantic Sayings:  A    Anyone can catch your eye…  but it takes someone special to catch your heart.  Romantic Sayings: … Continue reading “Romantic Sayings To Live By”

Thank You Sayings To Live By

These thank you sayings are all words of gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness from unknown sources. There is also a page of Thankful Quotes from known authors. Sayings are listed alphabetically Thank You Sayings:  A    A good life is when you… Smile often Dream big Laugh a lot And realize how blessed you are for … Continue reading “Thank You Sayings To Live By”

Clever Sayings, Words of Wisdom

These clever sayings are all positive and inspirational words of wisdom from Unknown sources. For quotes from Known people take a look at Wisdom Quotes Most of these sayings are short, but even just a few words can have a great deal of meaning and inspire us to become more of the person we would like … Continue reading “Clever Sayings, Words of Wisdom”