You Yourself As Much As Anybody

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4th May 2013

You Yourself As Much As Anybody In The Entire Universe
Deserve Your Love And Affection

It is so easy to love some people, our close family and friends receive our love and affection effortlessly. We do our best to give them our attention and support, especially when we are a parent of babies and young children. When they do something wrong, or that we don't like, it can be relatively easy to accept and forgive them when necessary. Achieving unconditional love for them is not difficult. 

Unconditional self love is one of the most challenging for us, to accept and love ourselves just as we are, 'warts and all,' is something that most of us struggle with, but it is the most important love to feel and express. 

Here in the Western world it is instilled into us that to put yourself first is selfish; if you are a considerate, loving, kind person then you will always put others first and help them before thinking of yourself. But as with most things in life it is more a question of balance. Of course there are times when you have to put others first, especially when you have young children to look after, but it is essential that you are aware of your own needs too, and do your best to fulfill them. If you live your life always doing what others want you to do, neglecting your own needs, resentment and other negative emotions will build up within you, if these are not released eventually they will cause physical, mental or emotional problems.

What I have learned over the years from personal experience and study is that... We need to put ourselves first, be true to ourselves and follow our own inner guidance. If we are always focused on living a life of unconditional love for all, including ourselves, then we are aligned with doing things for others because it is our desire and not a duty or something  we believe we  SHOULD be doing. 

Of course, putting it simply the main reason YOU deserve as much of your love and affection as anybody else in the universe is because WE ARE ALL ONE.

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