You Are The Only Real Obstacle
In Your Path To A Fulfilling Life

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12th November 2011

You Are The Only Real Obstacle
In Your Path To A Fulfilling Life

Les Brown

I used to belong to the 'if only' club - if only I had more money I'd be able to.... - if only I had a good job I'd be able to... - if only I had... and on and on it goes.

But I now know that I CREATE MY WORLD, no one else, so if there is something that I want to be, do or have, I am the only one stopping me. It doesn't mean that I now have everything that I desire, but I am 'working' on it.

Using the Law of Attraction, as taught by Esther and Jerry Hicks, my perception of my life has changed and therefore, so has my life. Every day I wake up excited about what the day will bring. Every day I focus on and appreciate all of the wonder and beauty that surrounds me. Every day I spend my time doing things that I enjoy doing and look for the good in the things that I'm not so keen on doing, but need to be done. Every day I pay attention to positivity and ignore negativity. Every day I dwell on Love & Light...And my life is blessed.

The Abraham clip below "You Are The Creator Of You" explains how to use your thoughts and feelings to bring you what you desire.

If you would like to find out more about the teachings of Abraham take a look at Esther & Jerry Hicks website.

This photograph is of my son Kevin and his daughter Jessica, it was taken in 1999 (I think).

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