When You Look At Your Life

When you look at your life the greatest happinesses are family happinesses - Joyce Brothers - Spiritual Quotes To Live ByPaul, Emma & Kevin with Seth and Lucy

5th January 2017

I have taken the quote of When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses from Joyce Brothers and turned it into an inspirational poem about looking back over life and the simple family memories.

The above photo was added to my Facebook Page in November 2010. The poem was written yesterday.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

When You Look At Your Life
The Greatest Happinesses
Are Family Happinesses

Quote Title: Joyce Brothers
Poem: Trina Graves

As you get older you more often reflect
The course of your life and you introspect
Remembering all the ups and some downs
The beautiful sights and wonderful sounds

The focus you chose and decisions you made
Became your life and your path was laid
Life continues to expand, there’s always more
To experience the joy is what you came here for

Reminiscing those carefree days of childhood
When all you wanted was to feel good
Playing with siblings, friends or by yourself
Imagination was your greatest wealth

Childhood memories of the long ago past
Fade through time, but the ones that last
Are the happy ones spent with mum and dad
Sharing time and love, feeling cherished and glad

Picnics, walks or playing board games
The simple shared pleasures are what remains
In your memory to treasure forever more
The love you experienced developed your core

Time progresses and moves on so fast
Life brings experiences, the landscapes vast
The greatest gift, if blessed, you will know
Is being a parent, as the purest love will grow

Creating your own precious unit of family
Brings an overwhelming abundance of ecstasy
The immense love you feel will always remain
Though expressing the depth is hard to explain

Just watching your baby grow, develop and explore
Their world around them brought you even more
Happiness in all the countless, simple, delightful ways
Treasured memories gathered throughout those days

It’s peculiar, but often you will find
The simplest moment stuck in your mind
Your child running to you with arms open wide
Their pure love and elation they couldn’t hide

The years of parenthood continued on
Time seemed slow, but soon they were gone
Young adults replaced the children you raised
Vibrant, onto their own paths they blazed

With parents eyes you developed a different view
The world was changed and you understood too
Your parents love for you became crystal clear
They did their utmost to love and hold you dear

And now your children are parents also
Blessings of love forever bloom and grow
Watching your child’s parental love and joy
Blossom with each additional baby girl and boy

With the old eyes of wisdom, you can now see
So clearly the pure contentment of your family
These precious little angels sent from up above
Grandchildren bring bliss and quintessential love
Trina Graves (Jan. 2017)

Inspirational poem by Trina Graves using Joyce Brothers quote as title and theme
Julie, Kevin & Emma with Seth, Sophie, Jessica, Lucy and newborn Amy (2010)

These two picture quotes are linked to online jigsaw puzzles.

Trina with Sophie, Lowen & Amy (2015)

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