When We Create Peace, Harmony & Balance In Our Minds

1st September 2011

When We Create Peace,
Harmony And Balance In Our Minds
We Will Find It In Our Lives

The world that we see around us is a reflection of our ‘inner world’. If we are not at peace in our minds and hearts, then we will not see it in our world.

The Law of Attraction teaches us that we attract what we focus on. To put it simply…if our habitual thoughts are negative, then more negative things will happen to us – if we think more positively then we will attract more positive things into our lives.

I have always thought myself to be a positive person, but although most of my life was ‘good’ there were certain areas that definitely needed improvement. I have known about the Law of Attraction since the mid 90’s but apart from the basic idea (above) I didn’t really learn more until ‘discovering’ the work of Esther & Jerry Hicks, even then I never began to practise ‘using’ the Law of Attraction until the beginning of last year. In some ways it has been a slow progress, but each day I feel more at peace and enjoying everything around me so much more. As this year speeds along, I have been able to appreciate how easily things that I desire are coming to me, everything is flowing along and it’s amazing how things that were always there (but I had ‘no access’ to them) are now being available to me, and all I have really done is to focus on the love, beauty and joy that is all around me.

The photograph is of my parents home, it was taken around 2000 and there is an interesting story as to how they came to be living there at the bottom of the Quotes About Life page. I use photographs from my parents home and garden quite a lot for my quotes as it is so beautiful and of course I have easy access to it! The garden has developed and grown a lot since this photograph was taken.

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