We Are Just Walking Each Other Home – Inspirational Quote Poem

Ram Dass quote: We are all just walking each other home. -  Spiritual Quotes To Live By

13th August 2019

oopps! Adding this older photo/quote I only just noticed I missed out the ‘all’ when writing this poem. 

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

We Are Just Walking Each Other Home
Quote Title: Ram Dass
Trina Graves

It’s a well-known way to view life
As a ‘Path’ we all must take
The Path can be rough or smooth
Depending on the choices we make

We can travel on our track alone
Or with close and trusted friends
There presence gives us support
As we navigate the dips and bends

Varied loved ones will accompany us
Along the majority of our life path
The love we share gives us direction
The joy, lightens our way as we laugh

But where does this pathway begin?
And where does it go to, and end?
Or is it a vast circular Highway
We want to know, to comprehend

I believe the two points are the same
From Source we arrive at our birth
Wandering along to find our own route
The reason we decided to come to Earth

Experiencing the joys and the beauty
Giving unconditional love to one-and-all
Discovering our unique gift to share
Is the true path we all came here for

Sharing our love and our gifts
With any who join us on our roam
Enlightenment comes to let us know
We Are Just Walking Each Other Home

Trina Graves – 5th December 2016

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